August 29, 2010

Israel, the highest rate of prostitution in the world (CNN) | One million visits made by clients every month to brothels in Israel (population 7 million) | “For this we yearned?”

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For this we yearned?

By Jonathan Rosenblum

Friday, May 15, 1998

(Jerusalem Post)

Today…it is Jews themselves who proclaim to the world that we have put behind us the old superstitious religion.  They declare that all barriers to unbridled freedom have fallen.

The nation has lost its head. …

We have declared ourselves pagans, celebrants of any form of sexual license and chic adrogyny; we have turned those among us who continue to believe in God into objects of scorn and ridicule. …

Are we and our culture similarly honored when a CNN documentary claims that we have the highest rate of prostitution in the world?  Is it homage that Newsweek offers in photographs depicting well-heeled matrons watching male strippers in posh north Tel Aviv living rooms? …

For 2,000 years, Jews prayed to return to this land.  For what?  So that we could fill it with every rite practiced by the pagans who inhabited it before us?  So that we could express our hatred of God as loudly as possible and pat ourselves on the back that the nations have noticed?

Is this the new definition Israel has given to Jewish pride?


Study: Brothels earn $450m. a year

Jerusalem Post Internet Edition-March 17 2004

One million “visits” are made by clients every month to brothels in the country who channel some $450 million annually into the local sex industry, according to a report presented Wednesday to the Knesset Committee of Inquiry into Women Trafficking.

The committee dedicated its session on Wednesday to customers, which committee chair Zehava Gal-On (Meretz) termed the “undercover partner” to women traffickers.

The report was drafted by a joint project against women trafficking conducted by Hebrew University and Foreign Workers Aid Center.

From: Wikipedia…

Israel is the world’s only predominantly Jewish state,[9] with a population estimated in May 2010 to be 7,602,400 people,[3] of whom 6,051,000 are Jews.


Articles About Human Trafficking in Israel

The Attack on the USS Liberty — Purpose: (1) to hide Israel’s illegal actions in the 6-Day War and (2) to bring America into the war by blaming Egypt for sinking the Liberty

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  1. Trafficking of under ageing or teenager must be stop. But if the people are young or has their own need then is this is legal job. Every time thousand of people come to travel here in Israel and they want to make their trip more romantic. Escort agency help to find them their requirements only. It is legal and not against the rules of government.

    Comment by escort in jerusalem — April 1, 2013 @ 11:46 pm | Reply

  2. Nice one!

    Comment by Francis de Vanessa — October 25, 2013 @ 3:52 am | Reply

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