August 26, 2016

(video) Questioning The Holocaust – Why We Believed (Part 1) examines the unbelievable “gas shower” claims and how images of concentration camp prisoners directly killed by Allied air attacks are cynically exploited to promote “The Holocaust”


Watch this and find out how they deceived us. Many specific examples of TalmudVision’s (TV) ‘Holocaust’ lies!

The Allies even bombed the electric plant that pumped water to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and the propagandists said someone “cut” the line. 1:13:30

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Questioning The Holocaust – Why We Believed (Part 1 of 2)

August 25, 2016

(video) KrisAnne Hall in Anchorage Alaska: Must a Christian Always Obey the Government? 8/21/16

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Constitution teacher KrisAnne Hall in Anchorage, Alaska 8/21/16 at Anchorage Baptist Temple

I was blessed to be there, and was able to discuss something I think she didn’t get quite right here.

Important topic. Many good points. Romans 13.

Being Holy Spirit led is key, and then: “We ought to obey God rather than men.”

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Special Guest KrisAnne Hall 8/21/16


(video) Crusader Girl: Forget White Privilege, How About Jewish Privilege?

Forget White Privilege, How About Jewish Privilege?

(video) A Jew warns Jews WHY Hitler retaliated against the Jews — So Jews would change their behavior

Interesting to hear this from a Jew.

Also, Hitler’s plan was not extermination, but to resettle them in another country.

Two comments:

maybe I need to read it again but I don’t recall where he said he hated Jews in Mein Kampf.. maybe it was a different version

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Why did Hitler Hate the Joos

Cost of U.S. healthcare now 800% higher per person than it was in 1960, even when adjusted for inflation

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From: Natural News

Cost of U.S. healthcare now 800% higher per person than it was in 1960, even when adjusted for inflation

One of the most massive political scandals ever perpetuated on the American people was President Barack Obama’s healthcare “reform” law – one of the most onerous, under-performing and destructive pieces of legislation ever to be codified in U.S. statutes.

One of the biggest lies of all is that the 2,700 page plus behemoth was supposed to lower healthcare costs – for patients and hospitals, as well as for insurers. Out-of-pocket costs and premiums were also supposed to fall dramatically, as Obama promised repeatedly during his first campaign for the White House.

But that was then. Today, not only are premiums literally skyrocketing just a few years after the law has fully taken effect, but out-of-pocket expenses, mostly for ever growing insurance plan deductibles, have also grown exponentially.

Consider that in the U.S. today, a single trip to the emergency room – depending on the severity of your illness or injury – could easily top $30,000, $40,000, 50,000 or even more. If your plan has a high deductible, or if you simply cannot afford coverage regardless of Obamacare’s mandate that you have coverage, just one such visit could bankrupt you or doom you and your family to a lifetime of crippling economic despair – all while our president and the Democrats who helped him pass the law receive better plans, VIP treatment and government subsidies to pay for their own coverage.

A ‘reform’ law that has only made things harder and more expensive for Americans

The Obamacare law – not “greedy” insurance companies or Republicans – is responsible for this calamity.

In fact, according to one recent analysis, compared to 1960, Americans today are suffering through an 800 percent increase in premiums, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses and overall care. As documented by Global Research, a Canada-based think tank, in that year healthcare as a percentage of total gross domestic product (GDP) was just 5.1 percent. That figure had grown to 15 percent by 2002, but had risen further still to 17.9 percent by 2011. Estimates put it at 20 percent of GDP by 2020.

Further, the think tank noted, between 1960 and 2009, the average annual increase of healthcare spending rose from $147 per person to $8,086, or a 55-fold increase. If adjusted to 2010 dollars, the annual increase rose from $1,082 to $8,218.

In 1980, a normal hospital room in the U.S. cost $127; today, prices are many times higher.

The figures get worse from there. As noted by The Economic Collapse Blog:

— This year alone, Americans will spend nearly $2.8 trillion on healthcare. By 2019, it is estimated that Americans will spend $4.5 trillion on such care.

Entire Article Here

August 24, 2016

“Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny,” the Times quoted Tantaros’ lawsuit — Ailes paid out $millions in hush money to silence employees

From: newsman

Andrea Tantaros Files Suit: Fox News ‘Sex-Fueled, Playboy Mansion-Like Cult’

Former anchor Andrea Tantaros has filed a lawsuit against Fox News Channel, asserting retaliation for lodging sexual harassment claims against former chairman Roger Ailes, The New York Times reported.

The Tantaros lawsuit, filed in Manhattan state Supreme Court Monday, also claims she was harassed by other executives at the network.

“Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values, but behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency, and misogyny,” the Times quoted Tantaros’ lawsuit.

Ailes resigned last month in the wake of several allegations that began with former morning anchor Gretchen Carlson’s lawsuit, claiming the Fox News chief demanded sex to improve her standing at the network.

According to published reports, some two dozen Fox News staff have since claimed harassment issues, including star host Megyn Kelly.

The Times last week also reported that Ailes paid out millions in hush money to silence employees who complained about sexual harassment.

New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman has detailed the case of former Fox event booker Laurie Luhn, who claimed a 20-year period of “psychological torture” working for Ailes, who she said had liaisons with her at swanky New York hotel rooms.

Entire Article

August 23, 2016

The money behind the transgender movement Billionaire – George Soros opens his wallet to transform America

From: Washington Times

The money behind the transgender movement

Billionaire George Soros opens his wallet to transform America

It was a debate that had been percolating at the state level for years. …

The bathroom debate started in California, where the Gay Straight Alliance Network, an organization based in Oakland, has been lobbying hard for transgender rights. …

The GSA helped organize groups in North Carolina. …

In 2013, Mr. Soros‘ gave GSA $100,000.

The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Center also received $130,000 from Mr. Soros that year. Their Leadership Lab was published in the journal Science this spring, that evaluated the impact that door-to-door canvassing can have on reducing transphobia. It’s being used as national model. …

The Global Action for Trans Equality (GATE), headquartered in New York, received $244,000 from Mr. Soros. It’s main purpose is to pull all the LGBT organizations together in order to create a louder megaphone, laying out best practices and fundraising advice.

So what’s next for the movement?

Mr. Soros‘ IRS Form 990 gives us some clues.

He’s funded a Streetwise and Safe organization in New York, with the purpose of supporting a “national project focused on increasing safety for LGBTQ youth during interactions with law enforcement and developing advocacy skills to engage debates around discriminatory policing practices,” according to his 2014 tax return.

Mr. Soros also gave $525,000 to Justice at Stake….

Entire Article


“(video) Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution: Resentment against Christ and Gentiles is a motivating factor in promoting sexual degeneration and pornography



(video) Michael Hoffman on “Denial” – New Movie about “Holocaust Denier” David Irving — Michael comments on the biased movie ‘Denial’ depicting David Irving’s legendary court case against Deborah Lipstadt over holocaust truth. She never took the stand

Very interesting movie coming out! Red Ice and Michael do a great job in breaking it down. Michael Hoffman is an impeccably clean researcher who has done crucial work in exposing how evil the Talmud really is. I’m a big fan! I do think he is mistaken by something he says at minute-9:09 here, which I discussed with him in the comment section, some of which I include here:

Michael, thanks VERY MUCH for your work, especially in uncovering Talmudic Judaism, that Jesus opposed and warned about, calling it “leaven.” This movie could also backfire on them, causing many to investigate what really happened, opening up a lot of needed dialogue.

I do have a question about something you say here at minute-9:09. You say it’s a fact that “at least tens of thousands of innocent Judaic people were slaughtered.” Do you believe that to be true, and if so, where did this occur, and where is the proof.

Perhaps, are you referring to David Irving’s claims about Jews murdered in other camps? I’ve seen his claim about this thoroughly refuted, point by point, by a CODOH article….

This is the 12-PAGE article … that proves there is no written evidence of eastern ‘death’ camps: “Talking Frankly” about David Irving — A Critical Analysis of David Irving’s Statement on the Holocaust

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Red Ice Live – Michael Hoffman on “Denial,” new Movie about “Holocaust Denier” David Irving


“Talking Frankly” about David Irving — A Critical Analysis of David Irving’s Statement on the Holocaust

(video) 10 Hard Facts About the “Holocaust” in 6 Minutes!

All of my Holocaust Real-History Truth articles (10 posts per page, latest appear first)

All of my Germany Real-History Truth articles (10 posts per page, latest appear first)

What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday 8/23/16: (Commercial Free Video)

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Good to watch Michael’s show enough to see WHAT REALLY HAPPENED politically — not spiritually though. He’s an open atheist. His wife is an open Christian.

Today’s show. First part is especially interesting regarding Hillary.

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What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday 8/23/16: (Commercial Free Video)

August 22, 2016

(audio) Kurt Haskell on The Power Hour 8/22/16: Recent Mass Shootings are False Flags Proven!

This is the show I’ve been waiting for from Kurt! It’s not as long as I’d like, but Kurt gets the job done anyway!

After quickly summarizing his personal experience during and after the underwear bombing false flag, undertaken by our CIA to convince Americans we needed naked body scanners, Kurt (now an absolute expert on these events) tells why recent mass shootings and the mass runover have been staged events. Kurt cuts right to the chase, having hosted the show himself many times, so he knew the clock was ticking.

Callers dominated the last segment, but one caller brought up the Israeli Mossad connection, which Kurt was able to underline.

BEAUTIFUL and MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!! Thanks, Kurt!!!

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Week of AUGUST 22 – AUGUST 26, 2016:

MONDAY – AUGUST 22, 2016:

2nd Hour: Open Lines

3rd Hour:  Former US attorney and ‘Underwear Bomber’ witness, KURT HASKELL, joins The Power Hour to discuss current news.

Aug. 22, 2016 (hour 1) – News LIVE with host Joyce Riley
Aug. 22, 2016 (hour 2) – Open Lines
Aug. 22, 2016 (hour 3) – Guest Kurt Haskell [starts @ minute-8:20]

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Kurt’s Facebook Page

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