November 26, 2015

Bill Clinton The Biter by Roger Stone — Bill’s repeated rapes and his proclivity to bite the upper lip of his rape victims as both a signature disabling move and a bid to keep their mouth shut. Hillary, who now claims to be an advocate for women and girls, has spearheaded the “Nuts and Sluts” campaign to discredit Bill’s sexual assault victims

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Bill Clinton The Biter


My book The Clintons’ War on Women documents former President Bill Clinton’s trail of sexual assault and rape and Hillary’s point-person role in orchestrating the campaign to discredit and intimidate Bill’s victims into silence lest they slow the Clintons’ path to power and wealth.

My book is not about Bill’s consensual sexual affairs, girlfriends, mistresses, or pick-ups. Incredibly, the sordid true story is far darker than that. It details Bill Clinton’s repeated rapes and his proclivity to bite the upper lip of his rape victims as both a signature disabling move and a bid to keep their mouth shut.

Hillary has from the beginning run the Clinton spin machine which sought to denigrate and discredit Bill’s victims and claimed women were being paid to lie about being Bill’s victims. Meanwhile the heavy handed private detectives hired by Hillary and Vince Foster waged a veritable reign of terror on Bill’s “vics”– breaking in and ransacking their homes, snatching or killing pets, tires nail-gunned, and their children threatened. “Marilyn got snuffed” one of Bill’s rape victims was told by a Clinton goon.

In her chilling interview with NBC’s Lisa Myers, Clinton campaign supporter Juanita Broaddrick said Bill attacked and raped her on April 25, 1978. Clinton raped Broaddrick in a Arkansas hotel room and bit her upper lip so badly it was nearly severed.

There are at least three other serious and credible charges that Bill Clinton bit….

In truth, Bill Clinton is a “Bill Cosby-like” sexual predator who has assaulted dozens if not hundreds of women. Hillary, who now claims to be an advocate for women and girls, has spearheaded the “Nuts and Sluts” campaign to discredit Bill’s sexual assault victims.

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(video) Why The Jews Love Hillary — “Assad Must Go” mantra explained & LGBT agenda

For my Christian friends: Got eyes to see and ears to hear? These are not Biblical, Godly Jews at all, but anti-Christ, immoral, Talmud/Kabbalist driven ‘Jews’ in name only. They’re mostly not even descendants of Abraham. It’s all a big scam!

If we’re going to slow this thing down, we must identify the root of the problem, and how their media is manipulating US!

Nathanael is an ethnic Jew, raised under their racist, *Talmudic* traditions, which are driving our reverse-Christian wars, destroying our morality and the future of America.

– –

Why The Jews Love Hillary

Brother Nathanael


(video) Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution: Resentment against Christ and Gentiles is a motivating factor in promoting sexual degeneration and pornography

(video) “Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance” – real-history, full-length film by Ted Pike — “They were supposed to be WATCHMEN on the wall, yet they failed to utter even a hint of warning” (contains many links to my other related posts)


(video) Skousen: Israel’s Plan for the Middle East

The Globalist Plan for the Middle East

The Alex Jones Channel

Published on Nov 25, 2015

Joel Skousen breaks down the globalist players in the Middle East — their tactics and their ultimate goal.

Daniel Webster: “If the American Constitution should fail there will be anarchy throughout the world”

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“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6,000 years may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail there will be anarchy throughout the world.”

Daniel Webster – 1851

(video) Myth of financial deregulation — the true cause of the economic crisis | Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

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Ron Paul mainly lost the Presidential elections because he was against the international banksters’ NWO wars of aggression (the globalists also control the media, by the way), but he also unnecessarily took some heat for being against government overregulation of the markets.

Peter Schiff explains why deregulation did NOT cause the crash of ’08, in the first part of this video. The ‘Federal’ reserve’s manipulations and government regulations created the financial crisis.

When Schiff compares the affect of today’s illegal immigration to the legal European immigration of the 19th century and early 20th, I’m pretty sure he loses Stefan, based upon what I’ve seen him see previously and try to say here, and Peter certainly loses me. The first part is really good, though.

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Myths About Economic Collapse | Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux

Published on Nov 26, 2015


Did government deregulation cause the financial crisis? Did the partial repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act lead to America’s banking crisis – and to massive government bailouts? Stefan Molyneux speaks with Peter Schiff about the persistent myth of financial deregulation and the true cause of the economic crisis!

Peter Schiff is an economist, financial broker/dealer, author, frequent guest on national news, the host of the Peter Schiff Show Podcast, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and the Chairmain of Schiff Gold.

November 25, 2015

GMOS Are 125 Times More Deadly Than Previously Thought

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November 24, 2015

Research on antidepressant drugs distorted by pharmaceutical industry

Big Pharma lies as they screw up people

(video) Russian Warships Launch 18 Cruise Missiles on Terrorist Targets in Syria — 1500 km!

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3 videos of Russia launching missiles and dropping bombs. They’re not messing around. And we’re not the big kid on the block anymore!

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Full Story Here:

Russian Warships Launch 18 Cruise Missiles on Terrorist Targets in Syria

“In the whole, during the aerial operation cruise missile were launched from the Mediterranean and Caspian Seas over a distance of up to 1,500 km, and aircraft were taking off from Russian and Syrian airfields. From the Caspian Sea, 29 aircraft of the long-range and bomber aviation were involved in the airstrikes.”

(video) U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad

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WoW! She’s really good! Truth telling Congresswoman!!! Nice smile too (which means sweet spirit — She’s not bought and paid for)!!!

A few corrections I would point out:

• Assad did NOT gas his own people, and won the fair, last election by 88%!

• Israeli Zionists were the main architects of 9/11

– –

U.S. Congresswoman: CIA Must Stop Illegal, Counterproductive War to Overthrow Assad

Russia Insider

Russia Insider

Published on Oct 27, 2015

Credit CNN
Tulsi Gabbard – a Democrat from Hawaii and member of the Armed Services Committee – demonstrates great knowledge and courage to go against the grain in the US and explain the Syria situation along with Russian and US roles the way it is.
Speaking with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, Tulsi explains why the US allying with Islamist extremists to overthrow Syrian President Assad is an illegal, counterproductive war that will cause even more human misery in the region and help ISIS and other Islamist extremists take over all of Syria. Instead of once again being distracted by trying to get rid of a secular dictator, Tulsi explains, the US must stay out of counter productive wars and focus on defeating the Islamist extremists who have declared war on America.

November 23, 2015

Netanyahu ADMITS ISIS are “Israel soldiers” — Israel treats their wounded ISIS troops in Israel. One was killed en route…

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Israel treats wounded ISIS troops in Israel.

Here, Netanyahu says, they’re “Israeli soldiers.”

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Netanyahu to ‘punish’ Syrians who attacked ISIL terrorists
Wed Jun 24, 2015 6:1AM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to punish a group of Syrian Druze individuals in the occupied Golan Heights who attacked injured ISIL Takfiri militants en route to a hospital in Israel.

“We will not allow anyone to take the law into their own hands. We will not allow anyone to disrupt Israeli soldiers in their missions,” Netanyahu said on Tuesday.

He called the incident “very serious” and said those behind it would be located and held to account.

Article Here

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