Biden’s Advice to Avoid Air Travel Borders on ‘Fearmongering,’ Airline Says

From: Fox News

Vice President Joe Biden, discussing the spread of swine flu, said Thursday morning that he would advise against traveling in an airplane or in any confined space — a comment that an airline spokesman said borders on “fearmongering.”

“To suggest that people not fly at this stage of things is a broad brush stroke bordering on fearmongering,” American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith said. “The facts of the situation at this stage anyway certainly don’t support that.”

Roughly 250,000 passengers use American Airlines daily, and not a single one of them has tested positive for swine flu, Smith said.

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From “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”: Song Around the World “Stand By Me” – From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”, comes the first of many “songs around the world” being released independently. Featured is a cover of the Ben E. King classic by musicians around the world adding their part to the song as it travelled the globe.

Dr. Stan & Ted Gunderson on How “They’re” Able to Do It: “Once you understand the things that actually go on at Bohemian Grove…” — “This Satanic element has infiltrated all levels of our government”

Dr. Stanley Monteith:

Once you understand the things that actually go on at Bohemian Grove, where all of our national leaders go, almost all of them—and, of course, some of them go there simply because they want to rub shoulders with important people. Some of them have gone and were so repulsed by it, they would not go back again—with grown men, national and world leaders, running around in the woods stark naked.”

Ted Gunderson [27-year FBI veteran, former Los Angeles Senior Special Agent in Charge]

“This is a national epidemic that’s being covered up and hidden, because this element, this Satanic element has infiltrated all levels of our government, and that’s the way they’re able to do it: law enforcement, prosecutors, and so forth.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty Audio Archives

Date: 04-16-09
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Charles Key – States’ Rights
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: Melody Cedarstrom – Financial Update
9:00: Ted Gunderson – Satanic Crimes


Insider: Pedophilia Among America’s Leaders — Including ‘Conservative’ Republican Presidents?

Ted Gunderson: Many of our congressmen and senators have been blackmailed through children, sex and drugs…”and we don’t have enough people like Kucinich and Ron Paul to stand up.”

‘Presidential Secrets’: Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum Speaks About Drug Running, G.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Oliver North, Neutralizing Ross Perot, Task Force 160’s Darkest Green (’Black’) Helicopters, Assassinations

[The Prophecy Club] The Ted Gunderson Chronicles

Lindsey Williams: Oil, Hyper-inflation, & the next 6-9 months

From: Dr. Stanley Monteith’s Radio Liberty Audio Archives

Date: 04-17-09
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Dr. Dennis Cuddy – The Rockefeller Plan
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Lindsey Williams – Oil, Hyper-inflation, & the next 6-9 months
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: John Quirk – Current Events
9:00: William Grigg – Current Events

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