Ron Paul: Be Prepared for the Worst. “We might have up to a year or so…”

From: Forbes, 10/29/09

Rather than allow the market to correct itself and clear away the worst excesses of the boom period, the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury colluded to put taxpayers on the hook for trillions of dollars. Those banks and financial institutions that took on the largest risks and performed worst were rewarded with billions in taxpayer dollars, allowing them to survive and compete with their better-managed peers.

This is nothing less than the creation of another bubble. By attempting to cushion the economy from the worst shocks of the housing bubble’s collapse, the Federal Reserve has ensured that the ultimate correction of its flawed economic policies will be more severe than it otherwise would have been. Even with the massive interventions, unemployment is near 10% and likely to increase, foreigners are cutting back on purchases of Treasury debt and the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet remains bloated at an unprecedented $2 trillion. Can anyone realistically argue that a few small upticks in a handful of economic indicators are a sign that the recession is over?

What is more likely happening is a repeat of the Great Depression. We might have up to a year or so of an economy growing just slightly above stagnation, followed by a drop in growth worse than anything we have seen in the past two years. As the housing market fails to return to any sense of normalcy, commercial real estate begins to collapse and manufacturers produce goods that cannot be purchased by debt-strapped consumers, the economy will falter.

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(video) The true meaning of Halloween: “‘Trick’ or ‘Treat'” (‘treat’ us or get cursed); ‘Bonfires’ (bone-fires)

Druid priests and people
would go from house to house

asking for fatted calves, black
sheep, and human beings.
Those who gave were
promised prosperity [‘treat’] and those
who refused to give were
cursed and threatened [‘trick’].

Bonfires orginally came from
the nights of human and
animal sacrifices
where they
would throw the remains of
the bodies into the fire. The
next morning all that was left
were the ashes and bones


Halloween Reality Check: Former Satanist Recalls Human Sacrifice of Little Girl

Bill Schoebelen: The Occult Origins of Halloween & Mitt Romney’s Mormon Occultic Agenda

Former Satanist/Illuminist/Freemason/Mormon BILL SCHNOEBELEN: The Devil You Know — “As dangerous as Obama is, ROMNEY, in his own way is even more dangerous?” — HALLOWEEN, ‘the Devil’s holiday’ defiles children — “As long as there is MASONRY in the church there will be no revival” — “Listen to the VOICE of the His Spirit, because He can direct things” — “And SPIRITUAL WARFARE is critical”

Santa Claus: The Great Imposter — “Ho! Ho! Ho! I Am God” — Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent | Santa = Satan; elves = demons | Saint Nicholas never existed?

Santa Unmasked: The Origin of the St. Nicholas Cult — Why Europe is so messed up … and US!

The Christmas Compromise: It All Began With a Tree and a Snake — Enacting Out an Ancient Tradition of Tree Worship

The Origin of Christmas: Should a Christian Celebrate X-Mas?

[3-minute video] The Origins of Christmas — It is not the birthday of Christ

[photo] Still not convinced? Proof that Santa Claus isn’t real

(video) Halloween Reality Check: Former Satanist Recalls Human Sacrifice of Little Girl

Former Satanist, Glenn Hobbs describes this experience in this 7-minute clip from “Halloween Trick or Treat” Jeremiah Films

“This is something that’s happening every Halloween.”

“It’s quite ironic how one group of people are thinking it’s fun, and another group of people are taking human life, and yet there seems to be this wall, and nobody wants to face the facts of what’s really going on.”

– Glenn Hobbs

* * *

Audio kicks in at the 12-second mark

Halloween – Not So Innocent after all !

* * *

The Pagan Invasion # 1 – Halloween – Trick or Treat?:
English Transcript


[Chuck] Smith: While there are some people who may be concerned about the origins
of halloween and it’s focus on blood, death, horror and the occult, to millions
of youngsters across the nation it has been adopted as a time to pursue scary
fun. It is an opportunity to dress up in ghoulish or fanciable costumes, to
engage in the fantasy of being a witch or a vampire, ghost or devil. Eager
“trick-or-treaters” solicit candy door to door or bob for apples at halloween
parties. Others brave haunted houses and horror movie marathons, while the
more daring visit cemeteries at midnight, play with ouija boards and hold
seances in an effort to contact spirits of the dead.

One of the biggest promoters of halloween is the public school system. School
sponsored halloween-themed activities often include dances, costume contests,
carnivals and arts and crafts projects.


[Caryl] Matrisciana: Glenn Hobbs was initiated into a satanic coven as a child by his
and continued participating for many years. I recently asked
Glenn about his involvement and the importance of halloween to the occultist.

[Glenn] Hobbs: Well, my involvement in satanic worship was, I was involved in it as
a child, of course I was a generational satanist, what they call a generational
satanist and what that means is that my family was involved in it and their
family before them. Now my earliest rememberings of halloween and some of
the things that were involved was, it was a very dark time for me as a child.
It was something I didn’t enjoy.

Matrisciana: Glenn, could you tell us about your involvement in any rituals at
halloween as a child?

Hobbs: There was another little girl that was involved in the occult with me
and her name was Becky
. Now Becky was a different type of child, she was
blessed to be a sacrifice. I was being blessed to be a high priest
, where she
was being blessed and born into the coven there to be a sacrifice. …

Well, the ritual that I remember the most clearly began about the end
of September. Continue reading “(video) Halloween Reality Check: Former Satanist Recalls Human Sacrifice of Little Girl”

Caryl Matrisciana: Halloween Is Not Innocent

This highly informative video traces the pagan origins and history of Halloween. The Pagan Occult calendar of Druids, Witches, Pagans and Satanists marks Halloween as one of their highest “holy days.” This video uncovers the mystic Druidic rites and ceremonies with which “Samhain” (Halloween) was originally observed 4,000 years ago. The occult rituals seen in this video are real and not re-enactments.

From: Dr. Stan’s Radio Liberty Audio Archives

Date: 10-23-09
Hour: a – 1 hr.
3:00: Dr. Dennis Cuddy – Euthanasia Health Plan
Hour: b – 1 hr.
4:00: Caryl Matrisciana – Halloween Is Not Innocent
Hour: c – 2 hrs.
8:00: Dr. Russell Blaylock – Increasing Dimentia
9:00: Lindsey Williams – Oil and the Next 2 Years


Halloween Reality Check: Former Satanist Recalls Human Sacrifice of Little Girl

The true meaning of Halloween: “‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’” (‘treat’ us or get cursed); ‘Bonfires’ (bone-fires)

“Fall of the Republic”: Millions Take the Red Pill!

Fall Of The Republic has exploded onto the Internet as millions of people worldwide take the red pill and discover the antidote to the establishments lies about what caused the financial collapse and their agenda to deceptively claim that empowering the very culprits of the crime will solve the problem, as America is frog-marched into a tyrannical system of world government.

The consequence of The Obama Deception receiving tens of millions of views earlier this year manifested in the form of a key contribution to the burgeoning grass roots resistance that has dominated 2009, a nationwide movement against the big government agenda, as the globalists attempt to use their new front man Barack Hussein Obama to rapidly accelerate their new world order.

Now we are calling on you, the Infowarrior, to help us make Fall Of The Republic go viral and in doing do dismantle the contrived perception that only by surrendering to nightmare levels of regulation and centralized control bossed by an ultra-powerful architecture of global governance will we avoid another great depression.…

Unfiltered News from Freedom Force International

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US: Government report recommends blocking popular websites during pandemic flu outbreak. Why? To protect Wall Street. Really!
Natural News 2009 Oct 30 (Cached)

Here is a perceptive analysis of the current monetary crisis and what lies ahead in terms of Dollar value, gold price, oil price, and commodities. Plenty of charts but not overly technical. You should know this.
2009 Oct 29 (Posted)

Documentary reveals AIDS is not caused by HIV. In fact, the virus may not even exist! We have said that for years, but now here are a slew of top scientists who agree. The HIV myth is a hoax to sell medicines and vaccines. Natural News 2009 Oct 29. (Cached)

City of Chicago pays bounty to citizens who turn in neighbors and business owners who are holding back on taxes. (Oppressive governments always have an army of informants.) MSNBC 2009 Oct 28 (Cached)

Brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is a suspected kingpin of the country’s booming opium trade. He has been on the CIA payroll for the past eight years. NY Times/InfoWars 2009 Oct 28 (Posted)

US: GMAC slated to receive third bailout in November. Previously received 13.5 billion. Now expects 2.8 to 5.6 billion more — and the government recently guaranteed 3 billion in GMAC bonds. It’s to help America, of course. Bloomberg 2009 Oct 28 (Cached)

US: Swine flu declines even before vaccines are widely distributed; yet, government continues to push for universal vaccination. Are they just trying to get rid of the stuff — or is it more sinister than that? Natural News 2009 Oct 28 (Cached)

Swine flu vaccines were not available in Australia this year. Yet, it just finished its flu season with one-half of one percent fatality from swine flu. That’s, comparable to or lower than normal flu. By contrast, Americans are being stampeded into mass vaccinations to be “protected” from swine flu. Can you spot what is wrong with this picture? Age of Autism 2009 Oct 27 (Cached)

Russian research forecasts global cooling. Once again it is shown that the Sun, not man, is the cause of previous warming cycles. But this fact is ignored as politicians continue their relentless push for global tax and control in the name of global warming. WND 2009 Oct 27 (Cached)

Will you survive the “Perfect Storm”
that is approaching?
A Crash Course on Money
presented by G. Edward Griffin
The author of The Creature from Jekyll Island;
A Second Look at The Federal Reserve
will conduct a one-day seminar on money at a city near you: How to earn it, protect it, and grow it in hard times.

A house will be given away at each seminar!
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Atlanta, 2009 November 7
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US: Managing director of Formula Capital recommends investments based on global cooling.
Yahoo Finance Oct 27 2009 (Cached)

China: Two months ago, 76% of Chinese polled said they would get the H1N1 shot. Now, only 30% will due to growing concern over vaccine safety. Google Oct 26 2009 (Cached)

Obama declares H1N1 Flu ‘National Emergency’. This paves the way for legalized violation of citizen rights. Fox News 2009 Oct 26 (Cached)

Incredible TV-cartoon propaganda to sell flu vaccinations to little kids — and adults, too. Want to bet who paid for this? YouTube 2009 Oct 26

US: Banks loss write-off rate now higher than in Great Depression of 1933. But don’t worry. Obama says we’re in recovery.
Washington Blog 2009 Oct 26 (Cached)

New study confirms that long-term use of mobile phones is linked to brain tumors. Very serious information, especially for youngsters who will become victims in later life.
Daily Express 2009 Oct 26 (Cached)

UK: Police characterize political activists as “Domestic Extremists.” Raw Story 2009 Oct 25 (Cached)

US: Here are the economic predictions of Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke: Wrong every time! However, his job is not to make accurate predictions but to champion the banks who employ him. At that, he has done exceedingly well. TrendsResearch Posted 2009 Oct 24 (Cached)

US: Expanded hate-crime bill passes Congress. Unapproved thoughts now are illegal. The collectivist nightmare becomes worse.
Posted 2009 Oct 24 (Cached)

Obama says expanded government health care will be paid by eliminating waste and fraud from the existing private system. Yet, as this 60-Minutes segment shows, fraud in the present government Medicare program is staggering.
Posted 2009 Oct 24

Katherine Albrecht Discusses Uncomfortable Hotel Experience During Dr. Stan’s Radio Liberty Conference

From: Katherine Albrecht Show Archives

Tue., October 27, 2009

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Vaccines // “Victim of the Smart Grid” //

During the Radio Liberty conference hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith last weekend, Katherine learned how vaccines really work and their deleterious effects on peoples’ immune systems.  Katherine shares how she unexpectedly found herself a “victim of the smart grid” and gives fair warning to listeners.

Radio Liberty hosted by Dr. Stanley Monteith

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