4 thoughts on “[video] Tyler Perry Curses Spike Lee

  1. Please stop and think about what you’re saying here. What exactly does it mean for a man to be “effeminate”?

    I believe we were given critical faculties because we were meant to utilize them. All social characteristics of human beings – the way we walk or talk, the clothes we wear, etc – they are ALL are products of our social environment. They change from culture to culture, time period to time period, they are not inherently built into us like our genitalia or lungs. So it is absurd to equate any social characteristics with being “effeminate”.

    In Scotland the men wear kilts. In America, for anyone not familiar with Scottish tradition, they would be called SKIRTS. A man would be wearing a skirt. The entire nation of Scotland is populated with effeminate men.

    ALL laws related to social conventions are ultimately methods of psychological manipulation, meant to divide people against one another. This is because they are built upon sand, social conventions change and with them changes the foundation from which to discern what they mean.

    One does not have to wear a suit or lift weights or watch football or arm wrestle or rope a cow to be a man. So then, if it’s not any of these things that are typically associated with “manliness”, what does it mean to be a man? IMO the criteria for a boy to become a man is that he must step forward and take responsibility for his own life. Same goes for a woman. So where is the inherent difference?

    Just had to comment on this one, because my mannerisms have been occasionally described as “effeminate” and yet I’m totally heterosexual and I really fail to see how an insignificant criteria like “effeminacy” has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with “loving your neighbor” and “doing unto others” and the parts of the bible that actually have some real significance to human beings in this world.

    As always, thanks for your blog.


    1. Brandon,

      You said: “Please stop and think about what you’re saying here.”

      I didn’t do this video. I just posted it, having seen the title. And I did so because it’s a “people cursing people” example, which I have a category on because I think this is such a serious and widespread problem.

      If the video was only about Tyler dressing up in women’s clothes I wouldn’t have posted it, for it’s not an issue that I feel led to address, myself.



    1. If I completely disagreed with his position I’d say so in a note. I don’t completely disagree. The author is probably right on that one as well, but I don’t think he has absolute proof and it’s not an issue that I personally want to push. I think it’s pretty obvious that it’s wrong.

      The people-cursing-people thing is a huge issue in America, even among ‘Christians.’ I also have a ‘Christians’ Cursing People category at ONEcanhappen, where I call it James-3 cursing.


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