This wonderful movie is now in public domain.

I LOVE the magnificent Redwoods — one of my favorite experiences in life! It’s so wonderful to walk under created structures towering so high above us!

You’ll see that they confuse the Redwoods and Sequoias, and get a few scriptures wrong.

– –

“They are the everlasting, living sign of our Creator’s work — 4,000 years old, as old as the Book and the faith.”

– Elder Bixby

“God made them to touch the skies, taller than any spire of any church.”

– Amish man

“Open the hearts of each of us to speak forgiveness for these men of greed who have not been touched by They understanding.”

– Elder Bixby prays

“My people forgive those who trespass against us.”

– Alicia Chadwick

“Let’s live above the fray.”

– God (a word I heard, watching the movie)

* * *

The Big Trees (1952) by Felix Feist, with Kirk Douglas

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Full movie 1h29.
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The Big Trees is a 1952 film starring Kirk Douglas and directed by Felix E. Feist.
This was Kirk Douglas’s final contracted film with Warner Brothers after a long period of rough relationships between him and the company.

Plot :
In 1900, lumberman Jim Fallon (Kirk Douglas) greedily eyes the big trees in the virgin region of northern California. The land is already settled by, among others, a religious group led by Elder Bixby (Charles Meredith). Jim becomes infatuated with Bixby’s daughter, Alicia (Eve Miller), though that does not change his plan to cheat the homesteaders. When Jim’s right-hand man, Yukon Burns (Edgar Buchanan) finds out, he changes sides and leads the locals in resisting Jim.

Elder Bixby is killed when a big sequoia tree is chopped down by Jim’s men and accidentally falls on his cabin. Jim’s desperate attempt to rescue Alicia’s father saves him from being convicted of murder. Meanwhile, timber rival Cleve Gregg (Harry Cording) appears on the scene, making it a three-way fight. Gregg and his partner Frenchy LeCroix (John Archer) try to assassinate Jim, but end up killing Yukon instead. Jim has a dramatic change of heart and leads the settlers in defeating Gregg and Frenchy. …

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