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2012 APRIL 7 – 13

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North Korea: A satellite launch that was hailed as a moment of national pride ended in failure Friday when the rocket disintegrated over the Yellow Sea.[This brought embarrassment to the government as well as condemnation from a host of nations that say the launch was a covert test of missile technology for nuclear weapons.] AZ Central 2012 Apr 13 (Cached)

Syria’s cease fire under the UN peace plan reportedly has been broken by both sides. [Syria says that foreign-sponsored terrorist rebels are committing violence against the regime. The rebels claim that Syrian forces have killed more protesters.RT 2012 Apr 13 (Cached)

Fear-inducing rumors about cyanide-containing fruit seeds on the Internet obscure the fact that cyanide, in natural compounds is necessary for health and is widely used as a control for cancer.[Vitamin B12, called cyanocobalamine, contains cyanide, and we all would be dead without it. For the full story behind this amazing chemistry, see World without Cancer, by 
G. Edward Griffin.
NaturalNews 2012 Apr 13 (Cached)

49 Former NASA scientists and astronauts sent a letter to NASA headquarters criticizing the agency for its support of the man-made global-warming theory, saying that it is based on faulty science.Business Insider 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

Former CEO of America’s largest producer of nuclear power says that nuclear power is not economical unless it is subsidized by governments because governments want technological support for nuclear weapons. Without subsidies, nuclear power could not compete with other forms of energy.Washington’s Blog 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

Australia’s new global-warming tax (called the carbon tax) is about to be launched. It will crush the economy. Utility companies won’t disclose how much gas and electric bills will increase in order to pay the tax. [When it all finally comes together, it will be interesting to see what Australians will do to challenge the global-warming myth and the New World Order elites who are perpetrating it.] Activist Post 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

 US: Gallup poll chairman says unemployment is over 20% – not 8.5% as claimed by the government. He says unemployment will be more important to Americans than foreign policy in the upcoming election, which will not be favorable for Obama. 
 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

Argentinian farmers sue Monsanto and tobacco companies for exposing them to toxic herbicides and pesticides that produced birth defects in their children. They were assured by Monsanto and the tobacco companies that these products were safe.NaturalSociety 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

US: Demopolis, Alabama: A grandmother is jailed and tortured for buying Sudafed over-the-counter. This type of decongestant can be used to make crystal meth, so police assumed she was a drug manufacturer. They even forced her to make a false confession under threat of taking away her grandchildren. [Read this and weep for America.]FreedomInOurTime 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

Oregon: Portland State University introduces a course to teach ‘Revolutionary Marxism’ with an emphasis on practical applications in local politics. Students are expected to apply what they learn to the Occupy Wall Street movement. [Communism is far from dead, especially in America.] 
 2012 Apr 11 (Cached)

 US government uses the excuse of “state secrets” or national security to gag whistleblowers and punishes them when they reveal wrong doing within government. Author/attorney shows that this is a violation of the First Amendment that was designed to protect whistleblowers. RT 2012 Apr 11

Iraq: The US justified its invasion of Iraq because, supposedly, it had weapons of mass destruction. That belief was based on the testimony of one man who claimed to have first-hand knowledge. Now, that man admits on German TV that he made up the story because he was a political enemy of Hussein and wanted to motivate the US to oust him. [This man is known as Curveball in intelligence circles because, even at the time of providing the false story, he already had a reputation of being an unreliable source. In spite of that, the Bush Administration chose to use his story as the basis for invasion because it was the best excuse it had for doing what it planned to do anyway.] Guardian posted 2012 Apr 10 (Cached)

US: Ron Paul wins all delegates at the do-over caucus in St. Charles County, Missouri. [This is the caucus where, previously, GOP officials violated their own rules, and the meeting ended in chaos, including the arrest of two Ron Paul supporters. One of those arrested became the chairman of the do-over caucus. Over 900 Paul supporters attended, an unprecedented turnout.] STLToday 2012 Apr 10 (Cached)

California embraces Agenda 21 by declaring war on suburbs and single-family homes. Some metropolitan plans call for a minimum of 30 dwellings per acre. [The result will be higher population densities, greater traffic, and higher prices. Did we mention the health and crime hazard?] 
 2012 Apr 10 (Cached)

Officials from the city of Roswell, Georgia, harassed a landowner to death, apparently because he stood against them in defense of his right to legally raise chickens. They also wanted his land for a future “green’ area. [This is a case study of how even small-city governments evolve into crime syndicates.]NaturalNews 2012 Apr 10 (Cached)

Dental x-rays, even though radiation levels are lower than 20 years ago, dramatically increase brain cancer risk. NaturalSociety 2012 Apr 10 (Cached)

Greece: Siemens agrees to pay $353 million for bribing officials for government contracts. [There is no mention of penalties for the officials who received the bribes. Bribes in one form or another, including campaign contributions, are the norm in politics today. Fines are considered as a cost of doing business. Siemens will be allowed to bid on new contracts, of course.] RT 2012 Apr 9 (Cached)

US: Federally backed banks are prohibited by law from making speculative trades, but many traders are convinced that JP Morgan is doing exactly this as they move markets with large trades. [The bank says it is only hedging its position. Regulators do not appear to be concerned.Bloomberg 2012 Apr 9 (Cached)

UK: New global-warming tax (called carbon tax) will add 10% to home improvement and remodeling costs. [Home improvement and remodeling will all but grind to a halt.] DailyMail 2012 Apr 8 (Cached)

Over 110,000 active-duty US military personnel with access to weapons are taking prescription drugs that are designed to alter mental states. Most of these drugs were non-existent or prohibited just 10 years ago. [The connection between this fact and the recent upswing in violent behavior by military personnel should be obvious.] LA Times 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)

US: The Federal Reserve investigated itself regarding charges made by Ron Paul (and many others) that it had undue influence in the Watergate scandal and that it funded weapons for Saddam Hussein. Guess what! It found itself innocent. 
New American
 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)

China: A surgeon and four others are arrested after giving an iPhone and iPad to a teen in exchange for one of his kidneys which was sold on the black market. [Ironically, the story includes a statement from the Chinese government condemning greed and commercialism as the cause of this crime – yet, the government, itself, is guilty of approving involuntary organ harvesting from inmates in its prisons – and they get nothing in return except death.] Yahoo 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)

Japanese ambassador warns that if the containment tank collapses at Fukushima’s reactor #4 (it is damaged but still standing), it will cause all 6 reactors to shut down and expose thousands of spent fuel rods to the air, resulting in a global catastrophe of an unprecedented magnitude.[Another major quake or tsunami could bring that about.] Akio Matsumura Posted 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)

US Geological Survey reports that many earthquakes in the Midwest are man-made but downplays the danger. [The quakes are caused by ‘fracking’ (deep injections of waste water into shale) to facilitate oil & gas drilling.Yahoo Posted 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)

US: Government is spending money derived from offshore drilling fees to buy up private land near or within national forests. [The goal, as set out in the UN’s Agenda 21, it to eliminate all private property in wild areas.] Yahoo Posted 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)

Russia: Putin is reported to have said that Russia has electromagnetic weapons that affect the brain, alter thought patterns and moods, and can induce confusion, apathy, or even paralysis. [This is likely true inasmuch as it has been widely reported that both Russia and the US have been working on these weapons for many years; but it is unlikely that Putin would officially disclose this.] End the Lie Posted 2012 Apr 7 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: The shooting death of Trayvon Martin is being used by agitators to promote race and class warfare. This is a case study of how agitators on both sides are distorting reality to divide Americans and lead them into violent confrontation. 
 2012 Apr 10 (Cached)

 In this short commentary, Jerry Day will change your rosy view of wireless technology and the new Smart Grid. It’s time to stop being guinea pigs.YouTube Posted 2012 Apr 7

US: This analysis by economist, William Black, shows that the new federal JOBS Act opens the door to fraud and actually will reduce jobs.
Common Dreams 2012 Apr 5

Rebel mercenary forces in Syria will be paid millions by US and Western forces there. This is what is fueling civil war in that country. RT 2012 Apr 3 (Cached)

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