2 thoughts on “(video) Ben Fuchs: Corporate Media Covers Up Feminizing Chemicals in Food Packaging

  1. The “Corporate Media” Jeff? Do you mean JEWs, b/c THEY are one and the SAME? Have you ever even typed the J word in any derogatory way at all? Or are you a LACKEY/USEFUL IDIOT for them like AJ?


    1. No, I don’t. I am NOT an ethnic people basher, and I won’t allow people on my site to bash people groups, and call people ‘idiots.’

      Name calling is not acceptable. Facts are where it’s at.

      And Satan is the father of lies, who is deceiving most of the people in one way or another. It’s important to get clean and stay clean.

      When you are intentionally “derogatory,” I’m just going to delete your comments.


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