From: American Chronicle

Eisenhower, Donovan Murdered Patton

In another example proving that the American government is an organized crime syndicate governed by psychopaths, author Robert Wilcox demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that George Patton was murdered on orders of OSS chief William Donovan.

Establishment historians have long maintained that Patton died from complications stemming from a freak automobile accident on December 9, 1945, but they fail to elaborate the freak part in which the Office of Strategic Services, the precursor of the Central Intelligence Agency, and the NKVD, the Soviet counterpart to the CIA, collaborated in murdering the World War 2 hero.

Through an odd happenstance which Wilcox describes in his book, he received information that the man who engineered the accident injuring Patton was still alive. While interviewing him, Douglas Bazata confessed to direct knowledge of and participation in the murder of Patton. In fact Donovan gave him the orders to murder the general, sweetening it with a 10,000 USD stipend.

One important note about Donovan is that he reported directly to the President, in this case Roosevelt, or in some cases the military service chiefs. Thus it is important to realize that Roosevelt was more than likely the authority for the murder of Patton, as Roosevelt was in the palm of Stalin’s hand whose involvement we shall mention shortly. Stalin in turn was the sock puppet of the Rothschild Ziocons.


At least 3 other plots to murder Patton beginning in 1944/5 failed until the December scheme succeeded. But who would want the famous war hero dead?


Thus was born the Stop Patton operation, an officially sanctioned scheme to murder the general. This operation was implemented by Eisenhower, his aide General Bedell Smith, General Omar Bradley, and other SHAEF staff. Information of Eisenhower’s involvement is corroborated by Bert Roosen, one of Eisenhower’s interpreters who witnessed discussions between Eisenhower and his aides planning the assassination.

Another motive for Patton’s murder was his rather public statements that he was going to report directly to the American people Eisenhower’s murder of what would become 1.7 million men, women, and children in Allied death camps administered by Eisenhower and Smith. Patton had defied the death orders and treated his POWs humanely and quickly released them until Eisenhower stripped him of his command.

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