432 hz is a much healthier and pleasant musical tuning standard for ‘A.’

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Show Info 12-18-2014 – News, Guest L C Vincent

Second Hour Guest

L C VincentL C Vincent joins JD in the second hour to discuss in greater depth the ideas explored in his book, “The 440 Enigma”. LC guides us through a world of musical history known by very few as he traces the influence of one if the worlds most powerful families in their agenda to distort the frequencies of nature into something wholly unnatural.

L C immersed himself in the study of metaphysical pursuits and the hidden history of our world. He currently resides in Arizona, where he pursues his passions for archeology, spelunking, astronomy, media analysis, economics, and writing.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The440Enigma

Listen to the 12-18-2014 Broadcast

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