Heads up about Veronica. After posting, I found this post, Veronica Clark Says Europeans Need to Mass Convert to Islam, which along with the comments, shows that Veronica shouldn’t be fully trusted.

On the other hand, the attack on Veronica could be a psy op too. I just now discovered her material.

This Metapedia article is interesting.

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“Hitler did not actually have anti-gun legislation, like they try and say. So the people were armed. I suppose they could have had an armed insurrection.”

– Veronica Kuznier-Clark @ minute-32:50 on Spingola Speaks w/ Deanna Spingola on RBN

• • •

V.K. Clark Historian – Anti German Myths & Communist Subversion

Apollo Mastiff


Hitler Did NOT Take the Guns — Alex Jones misled US in his famous CNN rant!

(video) The Lies and Myths of Alex “Judas” Jones (GUN CONTROL) — Hitler did NOT take the guns as Alex yelled on ‘Piers Morgan Live’

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