I’m glad John posted this on YouTube, but it’s only up as an audio. I watched it a few days ago on Caravan to Midnight. KrisAnne will be teaching the Constitution to the citizens in Burns, Oregon, today and tomorrow.

KrisAnne is an EXCELLENT communicator with an obvious PASSION for observing the U.S. Constitution! Her husband is a pastor and a missionary to Haiti.

Subscribers can watch the video at Caravan to Midnight, which has this description [I’ve only watched the KrisAnne segment]:

Ep. 450 – In today’s program we are joined by pop-culture and political commentator Lisa Durden to explore 3 predictions for race relations in 2016, the legacy of David Bowie, some awkward moments at the Golden Globe Awards and more. Then, Constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall comes aboard for a discussion about State Sovereignty, land rights and Federal overreach.

• • •

KrisAnne starts at 1:15:40

Caravan To Midnight – Episode 450 State Sovereignty, Land Rights and Federal Overreach

John B. Wells 


(video) KrisAnne Hall: What’s Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative!

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