The Myth of the Six Million is only available used for a high price, but I thought the first comment was so refreshing that I’d share it and another.

I capitalized some words in the first comment.

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The Myth of the Six Million Paperback – 2007
by By Prof. David L. Hoggan

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars
We have been deceived for decades!
By Alexis O on January 29, 2014

I grew up hating the Germans for what they did in WWII. Oh, was I wrong! This is only one of many books that explain the same thing; We have been lied big time to cover the truth. The allies had to put a “monster tag” on Hitler and the Germans. So nobody will dare to ask questions. That’s why they executed all the SS men at the Nuremberg trials. They did not want any witnesses left to tell the truth.

Never in the history of war were the defeated exterminated like this. Once you do your homework reading this book and others like this, it all makes sense. And against all this historical facts the Jewish leaders and their supporters only accuse writers like these of [being] racists. But never debate the facts in a rational way. Typical. For me this was a revelation.

Very well written book. Full of information. But don’t stop here. There are many others that give you more information on the subject. It was painful to read. But I will chose the truth over any fabricated and convenient lie.

• • •

5.0 out of 5 stars
Time to expose the Holocaust Hoax
By Jim Rizoli on November 25, 2014

Great book! Its about time someone took the Holocaust legend on and exposed it for what it is. Simply stated….
There were No homicidal gas chambers, No Jews made into soap, No shrunken heads, No Jews made into lampshades and of course No six million Jews close to being killed.

The International Red cross says around 271,000 died in ALL the camps from ALL causes.

A Lot less than the imaginary six million claim. The truth is out there but it takes some investigative leg work to find it.

Books like this make it lot easier.

Jim Rizoli
jjrizo on youtube

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