Minute-38: Today’s best estimates:

“They say about 78,000 people died in Auschwitz, and half of them might have been Jews.”

“They say that approximately with all the camps, maybe 350,000 people died, complete. It might have been half, again, that were Jews. … with all causes.”

51: “There is not one real eyewitness that saw anything.”

1.08 “In Treblinka… the whole story is made up from A to Z.”

1.13: Reparation numbers don’t add up.

1.19: Illegal in 18 countries to question the official story.

1.29: “It wasn’t extermination; it was emigration. He wanted them out of Germany.”

• • •

Red Ice Network interview with Jim Rizoli

Joe Rizoli 

Joe Rizoli

Published on Feb 1, 2016

Jim Rizoli Holocaust Revisionist is interviewed on the RED ICE Network

3 thoughts on “(video) Jim Rizoli Holocaust Truther: ~200,000 Jews died in all the camps from all causes (except non-existent gas chambers) — ~40,000 in Auschwitz • “It wasn’t extermination; it was emigration” • These were *holding* and *work* camps • “In Treblinka… the whole story is made up from A to Z” • Reparation numbers don’t add up • Illegal in 18 countries to question the official story — Red Ice Radio 1/29/16

  1. Okay, I’ll be honest . I’ve been ignoring most of the posts regarding Germany in WWII until today. Yesterday I started to read the preface to Andrew Hitchcock’s book about the Rothschilds. I’ve read about 18 pages. Talk about an eye opener. Then I saw the link to this interview and thought “Maybe I’ll learn something. Now the pieces of the puzzle are falling together and it’s all starting to make a lot more sense. I’ve never really believed the numbers, but now the whole story is coming to light. For example, if the Nazi’s wanted to exterminate all the Jews, why go through all the trouble to build a camp in the first place? Now, I tend to believe that there were group executions because I’ve seen archive film footage and stills. However, I wonder if these weren’t executions of spies or traitors and the evidence has been used to support a fallacy.
    I need to do more research –


    1. Jeff, thanks for looking into this very important subject, and commenting here!

      I hadn’t looked into the evidence either, until recently, and I’m so glad I finally did. The entire Germany-and-WWII story has been twisted on purpose, I’m finding. It’s hard to imagine that a disinformation campaign against an entire people group has been this successful for this long of a time.

      Being that it’s illegal to question the official Holocaust story in 18 countries should tell us something. But it’s not only because the Jews really do control the media, own Hollywood and publishing companies, and fiercely come after those who have told the truth, I think many evangelicals are complicit, and they pray against, mock and ban those who dare look into what’s really going on with Talmudic (not mainly Torah based) Israel and their control of our foreign, warmongering policy, as well what really happened during the “Holocaust.”

      The more I research the Holocaust and Germany’s real history in the first half of the 20th century, the more I see how important it is to get the truth out — because much of the evils being propagated around the world today are based on this lie. When the people see how thoroughly the Jews have been lying about and covering up what really happened, then they’ll be more willing to look at what really happened on 9/11, what’s really behind our post-9/11, regime-change wars, the subsequent NSA police state, and even the legitimacy of this version of Israel, itself — being that God didn’t bring the Jews back to the land, this time, because they were obedient. The Khazar ‘Jews’ (who aren’t descendants of Judah) were the ‘Jews’ who used terrorist techniques to drive out the Palestinians, so they could take over Palestine.

      I’m discovering that international Jewry were a huge factor in helping Germany lose WWI and WWII, which were not wars of conquest for Germany. Millions of Germans were slaughtered in order for the Rothschilds to artificially recreate Israel, instead of “not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord.” If you’re a Christian perhaps you can relate.

      Regarding group executions, I’ve seen on video, David Irving claim that large numbers of Jews were machine-gunned into pits in eastern Poland. He says in another discussion that this was based on what may be a forged document. And when he was arrested for being a Holocaust denier, he tried to get out of going to prison by saying these deaths did occur, and that he’s not really a Holocaust denier because he is now saying there was a Holocaust in eastern Poland.

      David Irving also says that if he knew how viciously the Jews would attack him for writing the real history of WWII and Hitler (the Holocaust was not his emphasis of study), he never would have done it, and he would not have helped Ernst Zundell in his trial in Canada. Irving doesn’t have the integrity that Zundell and others have, who are interested in telling the truth no matter what the cost.

      In the research I’ve done since, I don’t recall any competent Holocaust researchers claim that mass murders were committed by Germans in eastern Poland, but if you find information to the contrary, please let me know.

      The History Channel and other TV propaganda often use actual footage of dead bodies and claim the Germans did this, when they really did not. They even show those who died from Typhus and starvation in Germany, and claim these are those who were killed by gas in Poland.

      We know that the Russians performed some massacres. The Katyn forest massacre is famous. They blamed the Germans, but now we know the Russians did it, which even Wikipedia admits; though, they’re often not trustworthy on the Holocaust subject.

      Recently, I discovered Germar Rudolph, whom I am now thinking may actually be The ‘Richard Gage’ of Holocaust Truth. If you’ve studied 9/11, you know how credible Richard Gage is, both in his credentials, and how he doesn’t go beyond the facts. Germar, a German scientist, has spent time in prison for doing historical research on the Holocaust and writing about his findings, and they’ve done much to silence him, but he refuses to stop researching and telling the truth through his books, etc., which can be downloaded for free here. This page shows 32 books, the first ones written by Germar. The ones I’ve seen are footnoted, and are of a high scholarly level.

      One of the oldest revisionists, a Frenchman, Robert Faurisson wrote recently (I’ll probably post his statement) that the Holocaust has now been proven to false. The evidence now overwhelmingly proves there were no gas chambers and no execution program.

      Germar has on his site an analysis of how many Jews really were killed: Holocaust Victims: A Statistical Analysis. You can see how thorough Germar is, and how he doesn’t whitewash anything. In particular, look at the last few paragraphs of his conclusion, just before the footnotes, at the end.

      The International Red Cross’ 296,081-total-deaths table shows a listing of deaths by camp, of which half, he says are probably Jews. But then he speaks of a higher, 450,000 figure, which I haven’t heard other historians mention (including researcher, Jim Rizoli in the above interview). But will keep my eye out for it.

      I have yet to find any solid evidence of any mass killings by Germans of Jews, but the Russians mass killed and/or raped over one million German civilians at the end of the war, and Churchill fire bombed German civilians, which the Americans then also participated in. Germar thinks the total number of German civilians killed from allied bombings is probably about 1 million, while he cites 600,000 as the official figure. Hitler was reluctant to reciprocate by bombing London, and wasn’t even properly equipped to do so.

      Eisenhower left over 1 million German POWs to die, by intentionally withholding food and water. Hailstorm is an excellent movie to watch to see who really were Holocausted in WWII:

      (video) HELLSTORM! – Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full) — CHURCHILL: “German cities will be subjected to an ordeal the like of which has never been experienced by a country in continuity, severity and magnitude. There are no lengths of violence to which we will not go” • US SERGEANT: “We too are considered an army of rapists” • EHRENBURG: “Kill them all, men, old men, children and the women, after you have amused yourself with them! Kill” • AMERICAN CAMP COMMANDER to German POW: “Forget the Convention. You haven’t any rights” • CHURCHILL: “Don’t mind the five or more million Germans. Stalin will see to them. They will cease to exist” • PATTON: “A Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working. I can’t see how Americans can sink so low”

      19 million Germans died in and after the war, with 12 million dying at the end and afterward. The goal of Churchill’s mainly Jewish handlers was to exterminate the Germans to make sure the successful German political experiment would never be tried by anyone again. Because Hitler expelled the Jewish bankers and those who controlled the filthy entertainment industry and the media. Germany was flourishing, while the economy in England and America was tanking. They had to make Germany a lesson for all of the countries that would dare defy the international banksters.

      Incredibly, war against countries that dare reject the world bank being implemented in their countries has been waged by Israel through the US. The USA has been taking out the countries who oppose the international banksters, one by one, covertly and overtly. Some correctly say: “all of our wars are bankers’ wars.”

      And the Jews (who mostly aren’t true, ethnic Jews, but Khazars) play the Holocaust sympathy card, in order for us to not question what they’re really up to, so we don’t look deeply enough as to what they’re actually in the process of doing, which I have many posts and some key videos on.

      And they’re making $Billions from this Holocaust racket, guilt tripping…., while they, themselves get away with murder!

      During their Six Day War, the Israelis actually murdered Egyptian POWs in cold blood, and some think that was one of the reasons they attacked the USS Liberty, which was eavesdropping on their communications, recording everything. They attempted to kill all of our sailors and sink the ship. And even fired at the life rafts.

      When I found out about how cruel they were to the USS Liberty, that’s when I started to finally seriously question what I’ve been taught about Israel, and then all the cards started to fall, with the Holocaust invention being one of the most significant, and what really happened during WWII.

      Faurisson says the Jews are starting to not talk about the gassings in their publications. David Cole (a Jew) says the Jewish intellectuals have known for a long time the truth about the Holocaust.

      And Germar clearly points out that Holocaust truthers are NOT saying the Jews weren’t rounded up and put in the camps. I don’t see how this was okay. But Americans should note that the USA did the same to the Japanese; though, I don’t think they were work camps. And we bombed the railroad lines and the Red Cross trucks that were supplying the camps with food and medicine!

      Hitler did consider much of the Jewish population to be an enemy of the state, partly because of what the powerful Jews did during WWI and afterward, to destroy Germany, but also because international Jewry declared war on Germany in their worldwide boycott, etc.. And apparently, Hitler was following Martin Luther’s ideas that Luther wrote about, which the Lutheran church never mentions. The Jews (who probably mostly true, ethnic Jews) were causing serious problems in his day too.

      I have heard that the Germans executed spies and traitors, but I doubt if that would have been groups numbering in the thousands. All of the explanations we’ve heard on TalmudVision (Jewish controlled TV) should be suspect. It was the British soldiers who were bulldozing the dead bodies into the trenches in the photos.

      For me, finally researching the Holocaust and real-Germany history is one of the most liberating things I’ve experienced!

      An entire people group has been maligned and villainized, when they were just trying to protect themselves against true villainy. Hitler didn’t even want to fight WWII, let alone conquer the world. He was just trying to protect his people, some of whom were in exile in Poland, and against Russian, Jewish (Khazar) Bolshevik invasion.

      It’s just awful how we’ve only been told one side of the story, and much of that hasn’t even been true. The lies about Germans and WWII, and how righteous we were are not true. It’s actually against the law for Germans in Germany to speak out, so it’s up to us.

      Also, there is no evidence that Hitler ordered any mass exterminations or knew about any that his men did.

      But if you find any solid evidence of non-gas, so-called “mass killings” please let me know. I’ve been trying to find out for sure, myself.


    2. Jeff Cooper,

      I just watched an interview in which historian, Mark Weber shares David Irving’s view that mass killings happened in 1942: Jim Rizoli Mark Weber Interview Feb 2016

      Weber’s theory is mainly based upon Joseph Goebbel’s Diary, which is problematic. I wrote this comment under the video, to which I’ll add a few paragraphs and bolding:

      In 2009, extraordinary revisionist, ROBERT FAURISSON TOOK MARK WEBER TO TASK on his Goebbels’ theory, mentioned in this interview and much more: “Mark Weber must resign from the Institute for Historical Review,” April 3, 2009

      Scroll down to SECTION 9, “A LIE TO END WITH?,” to see Faurisson’s critique of Weber’s Goebbels’ Diary claim, and his claim that millions of Jews died.

      Here are a few paragraphs from SECTION 9:

      “[…] according to Weber, during World War II “millions [of Jews] lost their lives.” What right has this man of ours to come out with that estimate in figures? Where exactly in the holocaustic literature is any proof of what he puts forth here to be found? Where, in his own writings, had he ever said and proved it?

      “But that’s not all. His exploitation here of those excerpts from Goebbels’s diary is stupefying. The Propaganda Minister’s comments bear the stamp of a National-Socialist propagandist’s phraseology, and are on the subject of events in which he had no personal part, no direct responsibility and of which he, in Berlin, had merely heard talk. In Toronto in 1988, during the second Zündel trial, Weber, at his end, had above all stated that according to him there was “a great doubt about the authenticity of the entire Goebbels diaries,” and had insisted on the fact that the contents of the March 27, 1942 note were particularly suspect. These were his very words under oath:

      The later entry, which I think is the 27th of March [1942], is widely quoted to uphold or support the extermination thesis. It is not consistent with entries in the diary like this one of March 7th, and it is not consistent with entries at a later date from the Goebbels diaries, and it is not consistent with German documents from a later date.

      […] there is a great doubt about the authenticity of the entire Goebbels diaries because they are written on typewriter. We have no real way of verifying if they are accurate, and the U.S. Government certified, in the beginning of the publication, […] that it can take no responsibility for the accuracy of the diaries as a whole.

      […] I think again it is worth mentioning that the passage of the 27th of March is inconsistent with the passage of the 7th of March and the one from April, and I don’t remember the date exact (Transcript, p. 5820-5821). Goebbels had no responsibility for Jewish policy. He wasn’t involved in that. He was the Propaganda Minister. He was involved only to the extent that there were Jews in Berlin and he was responsible for Berlin (p. 5822-5823).

      How can Weber today invoke a wholly doubtful document and, in that document, a passage that is particularly suspect?

      Also, March 1942 seems relatively early in the war, so that if mass killings did happen Hitler would have certainly known. But it’s well known that there is *no* evidence of Hitler knowing anything of any mass killings of Jews done by Germans.


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