Michael @ 1:44:10, when Gilad says “we’re afraid to use the ‘J’ word”:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.15.20 AM

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Jews invent their own controlled opposition:
Atzmon @ 1.22: “When Jews accept that something about them is becoming a problem, where they identify some kind of antagonism or even hatred, they immediately invent their own dissent”: … Bernie Sanders (politics) … Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein (Palestine) … ‘Democracy Now’ (media).”

Rivero @ 1.33:30: “In the United States…, we’re so focused on making sure that we are not discriminating against other people that we don’t recognize when we ourselves are being discriminated against.”

Atzmon @ 1.44: “This is exactly the service economy that was preached by Milton Friedman, that is very typical to Jewish thinking. Jews are never involved in production. … They are always more involved in banking and transactions. And one of the biggest disasters that’s happened to America is that it’s stopped being a productive country. … And it’s, by the way, worldwide, something that is happening to the entire west. And there are some people that argue we are dealing with Jewification of the western way of thinking.” …

Rivero: “We call it the ‘Zionification of America.'” 

Atzmon: “When we call it ‘Zionification,’ it’s because we are afraid to use the ‘J’ word. … It’s not ‘Zionification,’ because there is no connection between the Jew liking to move to the promised land on the expense of the Palestinian people and the destruction of America as a productive place.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday 2/02/2016: (Commercial Free Video)

Ron Gibson


(video) Gilad Atzmon (a Jew): “Jewish Power is the power to silence criticism of Jewish power” • “They don’t have the means to restrain themselves, and this is why we see their history suffocated with terrible disasters” — In Conversation With Harold Channer, 1 Feb, 2016

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