“Talmud Encourages Jews to Deceive Non-Jews — “Pretend to rejoice with them in order to hide your hatred” — Talmud denies the Gentile status as a “man,” so they are also excluded from being the Jews’ neighbor

(video) 10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust in 6 Minutes!

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“Herman and Roma Rosenblat told their false story publicly for more than a decade, but it all fell apart about six weeks ago after Holocaust scholars proved it was physically impossible for prisoners to approach the fence at the concentration camp where Herman was kept, and that Roma’s family was actually more than 200 miles away at the time.” – ABC Host Dan Harris

“Rosenblat is remarkably unrepentant about his years of lying.” – ABC Host Dan Harris

“The greatest love story we’ve ever told on this show.” – Oprah

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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Holocaust faker explains himself


 Uploaded on Feb 19, 2009

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