31 “They started working on creating this hate crime legislation back in the ’50s, just after the war. … They were using the ‘Holocaust’ as a reason to start creating the ‘hate crime’ legislation.  It’s all based on the original lie to begin with.” “All of these so-called ‘hate crime laws’ are based on a lie. That in itself is reason to get rid of them.”

37 Jewish control of book publishing

44 homosexual agenda
47 used to strengthen the ‘hate crimes’

50:45 “All roads lead to Tel Aviv.”

1.38 “There’s no doubt in my mind that truth is going to prevail in the end — and also that love will prevail over hate.”

“I’m a Christian. I believe in the Creator, and I believe the Creator is much, much more powerful than the Zionists are.”

1.43 They use the Kabbalah. They resort to sorcery and black magic.

“If we had the money they have…we could counter them with actual truth.”

• • •


Brian Ruhe

Brian Ruhe

Published on May 18, 2015

Welcome! This is the complete video of an interview that Arthur Topham had with Brian Ruhe on May 15, 2015. Arthur Topham is a publisher who runs the website http://www.radicalpress.com and he was charged with hate speech for making postings critical of Jewish power. This video was made in anticipation of his trial in October 2015.

To support Authur’s legal costs you can make a donation at radicalpress.com . To support these videos and Brian Ruhe’s work please go to my website at http://www.brianruhe.ca linked on this Youtube channel and click on the PayPal Donate button. Even the smallest donation helps!

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