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Does Google basically work for the White House? Internet giant revealed to have offered to help overthrow Assad as Obama reveals broadband for Cuba

  • Tech giant planned to visually map those defecting from Assad’s regime 
  • Tool’s aim were highlighted in email from Google Ideas chief Jared Cohen
  • Cohen left a job at the State Department in 2010 to run Google’s think tank 
  • His plan was to encourage more to defect and give confidence to opposition
  • Google planned to give ownership of the tool to network Al-Jazeera
  • The network would ensure the information found its way into Syria
  • It comes as it emerged Google has a deal to expand Internet access in Cuba  

Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal how Google wanted to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad using a mapping tool.

At a time when America’s foreign policy was to topple Assad, the tech giant – whose corporate motto is ‘Don’t Be Evil’ – sought to encourage further defections from the leader’s regime and boost the confidence of the opposition.

The plan’s details were passed along to Clinton’s team by a Google executive Jared Cohen, who was a senior advisor to Clinton until 2010 and is an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

The 34-year-old left his State Department position after being poached by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt to run Google Ideas, now known as Jigsaw.

The revelation comes as Google’s plans to expand Internet access in Cuba were revealed by President Barack Obama on Monday. …

In 2012, Google’s intention to get involved in Syrian affairs is highlighted in a memo from Cohen, who ran the company’s think tank, which has now changed its name from Google Ideas to Jigsaw, to a number of senior members of Clinton’s team.

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