Joe introduced this article with these words on his Facebook page:

Exactly as I predicted in 2014: “You elect Sullivan, you get Lisa Murkowski for six more years.”

Anyone who thinks Senator Dan Sullivan is “conservative” needs to consider not only his dishonest endorsement of our Planned-Parenthood-Supporting Senator, but also his D rating at Conservative Review.

Oh. And he supports Alaska-hater Senator McCain over constitutional conservative Kelli Ward.

From: Joe Miller

Joe Miller Blasts Senator Sullivan for Betrayal of Conservative Values

Fairbanks, Alaska – The news of Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan’s endorsement of Lisa Murkowski’s re-election campaign versus former Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan was met with strong condemnation from 2014 rival Joe Miller on Tuesday evening.

“From supporting Planned Parenthood’s federally funded abortions, to continuing Barack Obama’s illegal amnesty and funding Obamacare, Lisa Murkowski’s loyalty lies with DC cronies and political insiders rather than the people of Alaska.

“Senator Dan Sullivan’s endorsement of Lisa Murkowski is a betrayal of everything Alaska conservatives hold dear,” continued Miller. “Dan told us he was a conservative. He told us he shared our Tea Party values. He told us he was a fighter who would confront the Obama administration. Now he has endorsed one of Barack Obama and Harry Reid’s chief enablers.

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