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By Mike King

Left: Averting war with UK Prime Minister Chamberlain in 1938
Right: Making peace with French Marshal Petain in 1940
…for the first reader who can prove just one mistatement of a material fact, or find one misquote in the following presentation. will issue an immediate public retraction / correction, and pay you $100 cash for your effort!

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Adolf Hitler’s numerous, and reasonable, offers of peace to the Allied powers are a matter of indisputable historical record. Establishment ‘Court Historians’ cannot deny the reality of these reasonable offers, so they choose to simply ignore them instead.
If the truth of Hitler’s pleas for peace were to become widely known, it would stand the conventional narrative of World War II (and subsequent events) on its head. Consider the following true statements and events, and decide for yourself who the “aggressor” behind World War II really was.
 Hitler proposes peaceful solutions to the problem of the ‘Polish Corridor’

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