One thought on “(video) CBS News Anchor: I’m Glad to Sit at the Right Hand of Satan! – Walter Cronkite made this strange statement after saying America needs to give up some of its sovereignty and join the New World Order

  1. cronkite was a piece of garbage who was expert at manipulating “news stories”, no different than our current crop of journalist serial liars and news “fabricators”…the advantage we have now, is that the internet makes it possible to expose and shame those who use their “journalist credentials” to foment and disseminate lies and fabrications…
    The criminal misreporting of the 1968 “Tet offensive” was but one example of outright lies and fabrication by this so-called “anchorman”…despite the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong suffering massive losses (that would have forced the North Vietnamese to the “bargaining table”) walter cronkite “aided and abetted” the North Vietnamese by declaring the Tet offensive to be a “military defeat” for the Americans and South Vietnamese. This single action gave the communists renewed resolve and extended the war for YEARS. Of course, cronkite and his “fellow travelers” never met a communist that they did not like.
    cronkite is in the same boat as walter duranty of the ‘new york times” that dismissed the forced famine in the Ukraine while extolling the virtues of communism…
    It seems that most journalists have an affinity for communism, although under a communist system, they would most likely be the first to be “liquidated”…

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