From: Kurt Haskell’s Facebook page

Kurt Richard Haskell

Here is my very short take on The Orlando false flag from everything I have seen and heard this week. I am pretty sure this is close to the truth of what happened:

1. A drill was taking place that went live.
2. Orlando PD thought it was a drill and stood down.
3. There were 3 shooters that killed some people but not everyone listed.
4. Omar Mateen is a CIA asset and is still alive.
5. The chief medical examiner was hired on condition that he cover this up.
6. This was a CIA/FBI plot.
7. The shooters were trained in the Muslim school in Orlando with James Wesley Holmes (the Santa Monica guy) and his co-conspirator. Such school is run by the CIA to train CIA assets for their upcoming missions.
8. This was to be a joint false flag with Santa Monica.
9. Crisis actors were used solely to spin the narrative.
10. Real people were injured but they have been threatened to not talk or they will be killed (Remember, they just witnessed people being killed).
11. The death toll was greatly exaggerated to make this the “worst shooting ever”
12. The owner of the club was in on it and offered her club for the drill on a promise that it would be rebuilt new after the drill.
13. The hospital is also in on the plot. The hospital was told that some of the injured went to other hospitals so it can’t confirm the official numbers. Also, as it was part of the drill, it signed a confidentiality agreement.
14. The calls Omar Mateen made during the event were to his handlers.
15. The motives for this plot were many.
16. The guns and ammunition were brought into the club ahead of time as part of the drill.

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