I transcribed this from Joel Skousen’s appearance on The Jeff Rense Show, 6/22/16.

– –

Jeff Rense asks:

“Who is behind ISIS, really?”

Joel Skousen answers:

“We know it’s the U.S. and British intelligence, they always work through the Mossad, because the Mossad has the Arab agents that go and serve as leaders in these terrorist organizations.

In other words, the ordinary terrorists don’t know that this is a U.S., British intelligence and Mossad operation, but the Israeli trained Arabs that become the Jihadists that take over these terrorist outfits, they know.

And that explains why Israel has been giving aid to various ISIS members — medical aid and other things. At least what they’ve admitted to. It’s obviously much more. I think there is arms and leadership — but not to Hezbollah.”

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