Joe Biden may be our next president.

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From: WND

Urges attorney general to prosecute FBI’s ‘slam-dunk case’

“My sources in the FBI are good, and they know what they are talking about,” [Tom] DeLay said. “What I’m told is FBI is ready to submit a recommendation to the attorney general to prosecute Hillary. My FBI sources say this is such a ‘slam-dunk’ case, that if Loretta Lynch does not recommend an indictment to the grand jury, the FBI will go public and Hillary will be tried in the press.”

If the FBI is forced to go public, DeLay said he believes “people will start running from Hillary,” ending her presidential hopes. …

DeLay believes Clinton is trying to stop the damage by “doing what the Clintons usually do – attack the messenger and lie about there’s nothing there.”

Biden ready to jump in?

DeLay believes that when Vice President Joe Biden announced he would not run for president, his plan was to wait in the wings and be prepared to enter the race if Hillary were to be indicted.

“Joe Biden wants to be president in the worst way,” DeLay said. “If the email scandal breaks against Hillary, I think Joe Biden would jump into the race in a nanosecond, especially if he doesn’t have to work as hard as the other candidates have worked.

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