Kurt Richard Haskell writes on Facebook today:

For anyone that doesn’t believe in false flag terror, all you have to do is look at yesterday’s decision by FBI head Comey not to prosecute Hitlery. The elites KNOW that they are above the law. They know that if they commit crimes of any nature, they will not be prosecuted. So why would anyone believe the elites would not commit false flags? It doesn’t make sense.

The elites commit false flags to sway public opinion to make Americans support the taking away of their own rights. They also do it to make Americans support one illegal war after another so that the elites can steal oil and gold from the invaded country. Do you ever benefit from any war? Nope, but the elites get rich off of them and you support it because of false flag terror.

No Muslim has ever attacked the US without substantial help from the FBI or CIA. Yet, the false flags work to demonize Muslims so that the US can run all over the Middle East.

See how that works? Without the false flags, would Americans support any war in the Middle East? Nope, but you would have to go back and think about the American mentality before the 9-11 false flag To realize that.

Now we are seeing an entire new wave of false flag terror to make Americans want to take their own guns away, give up their freedom of speech, give up their freedom to be free of unreasonable searches, etc. We are also seeing one false flag after another to make various groups hate each other (gay vs straight, white vs black, Christian vs Muslim, etc.) so that they are distracted and don’t come after the elites.

I just don’t understand why anyone would believe that the elites wouldn’t commit false flags. Heck, they even legalized it a couple years ago.

If you ever doubt that false flags do happen, remind yourself of yesterday’s decision by FBI head Comey. If you ever thought that the elites followed the law and worked in your best interests then since yesterday, you can no longer believe that.

So why wouldn’t the elites stage events to sway public opinion? The answer is they would and they do and everyone needs to realize that and not be swayed by their bs false flags anymore.

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