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’60 Minutes’ of Don Hewitt Bias
Monday, 26 Apr 2004

A lot of folks may not instantly recognize Don Hewitt’s name, but he’s had a big influence on our times and American politics for more than four decades.

Hewitt is the originator and longtime producer of “60 Minutes,” the most successful TV news magazine program ever.

Less known is the fact that Hewitt is the man who produced the first televised presidential debate between then-candidates John Kennedy and Richard Nixon.

Nixon’s campaign later claimed that Hewitt had cleverly switched the cameras to Nixon every time he frowned or wiped his sweaty brow. Nixon looked nervous and Kennedy looked the statesman, thanks to Don Hewitt. …

When Gennifer Flowers’ bombshell revelations were set to derail Clinton’s presidential bid in 1992, the Clintons went to Hewitt and “60 Minutes.”

Hewitt edited the segment brilliantly. Clinton was the repentant husband, Hillary the hurt wife. The “60 Minutes” segment was credited with saving the Clinton candidacy.

Hewitt later bragged in an on-air interview that he got Bill Clinton elected….

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