I consider Germar to be the ‘Richard Gage’ of Holocaust truth.

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From: Veterans Today

Logic and Reason Can and Will Destroy the Holocaust Establishment

By Jonas E. Alexis on July 18, 2016


 …by Jonas E. Alexis & Germar Rudolf

Germar Rudolf is a German chemist and a prolific writer. He studied chemistry at Bonn University and the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research. Part of his academic journey is provided in this article.

Alexis: The Holocaust establishment seems to put a bounty on your head….

Rudolf: … If the Holocaust were unimportant, we wouldn’t have around 20 countries on this planet outlawing its critical investigation. In fact, this is the only historical topic that is regulated by penal law. This is proof for the fact that the powers that be consider this topic to be the most important issue to keep under their strict control. Those censoring, suppressing powers are the real criminals—not the historical dissidents they send to prison.

Alexis: People of reason will have to examine some of the things you have provided here because they are right in line with rational thought. I appreciate people who build their weltanschauung on logic and reason, and you are certainly one of them. …

First, tell us your story, and how you came to be involved in evidence for or against the so-called gassings at Auschwitz.

Rudolf: … As to how I ended up writing an expert report on Auschwitz, let me very briefly summarize the events leading to it. Readers interested in more details can visit the biographical section of my website.

I grew up in West Germany, where I studied chemistry, graduating in 1989 from Bonn University. In the summer of 1989, I learned about the so-called “Leuchter Report,” which is a study on the claimed homicidal gas chambers at the Auschwitz and Majdanek camps, written by an American expert for execution technologies. I won’t go into details here.

Fact is that I obtained a copy of this study, and after reading it, I found it highly interesting, for one thing because it contained chemical arguments which I could easily related to. But I also found a number of flaws in it, which made me skeptical as to the reliability of Leuchter’s study. But I didn’t get involved in anything yet back then, primarily because right after graduating, I was drafted into the German Army and had to do my one year of compulsory military service.

After that was over in late 1990, I started my post-graduate studies at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, with the aim of receiving a Ph.D. degree. That’s when I started thinking about this issue again, because the many resources which the Max Planck Institute allowed me to use could also be used to do research on some of the issues raised by Leuchter.

Around that time, I wrote a letter to the editor of a small periodical summarizing what I considered to be the deficiencies of the Leuchter Report. That was read by a number of people interested in the topic, and not even half a year later, the lawyer of a German defendant accused of “Holocaust denial” contacted me, asking me whether I could prepare an expert report for the upcoming court proceedings against his client. He basically wanted to present to the court a study which eradicated the flaws of the Leuchter Report.

I was very eager to do this, as I found such a task both exciting and challenging. So I contracted with this defense team, agreeing to writing and eventually publishing the report, while they in return would pay all the expenses.

I finished writing this expert report in late 1991/early 1992. It was subsequently presented numerous times in German court proceedings by various defense counsels, but not a single one of these courts ever accepted it as evidence. Quite to the contrary, some of the judges dealing with these cases openly threatened me with prosecution, should I testify along the line indicated in the defense counsel’s motion to introduce me as an expert witness.

Eventually, my expert report got published by the defense team I had contracted with, but not exactly the way I had wanted it: They added a rhetorical foreword and epilogue to it. Eventually, I got prosecuted for that edition, and the court denied that my expert report was scientific, because it included a rhetorical foreword and epilogue. They sentenced me to 14 months in prison.

In the meantime, I had gotten involved in a number of other historical research and publication activities in the same vein, which resulted in numerous other criminal prosecutions. Again, I won’t go into any details here. My website has a detailed section on my persecution for those who want to know details. Fact is that I had to endure a broad range of “persecutorial” measures in subsequent years.

In 1996, I finally had enough of it and decided to leave Germany and settle in England. There, I started a small publishing outlet focusing initially only on German revisionist material. When Germany asked Britain to extradite me in 1999, I fled to the U.S., where I applied for political asylum, expanded my publishing activities to include English language material, and in 2004 married a U.S. citizen.

In late 2005, the U.S. authorities recognized my marriage as valid, but instead of allowing me to now apply for a “green card” based on that marriage, they arrested me and subsequently deported me back to Germany, thus effectively and prematurely aborting my pending asylum case in violation of the 5th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and violating a 1960 U.S. law that expressly allows married foreigners to apply for permanent legal residence – the so-called “green card.”

Back in Germany, I was put on trial for scholarly works I had published while in the U.S., where those works are completely legal: My magnum opus Lectures on the Holocaust, and a FAQ brochure. Those works were banned, and I was sentenced to 30 more months in prison. Since those “offenses” are not a crime under U.S. law, I managed to immigrate permanently to the U.S. in 2011, where I rejoined my U.S. citizen wife and daughter.

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