From: Renegade Tribune

The ‘Terror Attacks’ in Nice and Munich Were Filmed by the Same Zionist Cameraman
July 23, 2016 Kyle Hunt

What are the odds that the same man would be on hand to get the only mainstream footage of two terror attacks only a few weeks apart in two different countries? And while I’m at it, what are the odds that a Mormon missionary would survive the Boston Bombing, the Paris attack, and the Brussels bombing? MASON Wells is one lucky guy!

It must be rarer than being struck by lightning twice in the same day, right? Actually, we’re dealing a kind of jewish lightning here, so the odds are quite high. Just consider how the Mossad operates.

“By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Wage War”

And remember those Israeli “art students” who were picked up by the FBI for being involved in 9/11 and then quietly shipped back to the “promised land” – what did they say on Israeli TV?

“We were there to document the event.”

So it turns out that the man who filmed the truck attack in Nice, which supposedly killed 77 84 people and impacted around 200, was also conveniently there to film the shooting outside a McDonald’s in Munich.

His name is Richard Gutjahr and he is married to Einat Wilf, a high-level Mossad agent and member of the Knesset.

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