July 30, 2016

(audio) James Bacque – WWII, Hidden history and Other Losses

I have now read Other Losses and wish I had not. I have had nightmares every night since I started reading. have a sensational if appalling story and it can no longer be suppressed, and I suppose (in truth, I know) it must be published…I’m not as convinced as you are that Ike played so absolutely central a role…there were clearly things going on that were not central to him and to which he paid less attention than he should have. Maybe that is all rationalization on my part…But again, you have the goods on these guys, you have the quotes from those who were present and saw with their own eyes…You really have made a major historical discovery, the full impact of which neither you nor I nor anyone can fully imagine. Many will curse you; many will denounce you, many will argue with you; most will try to ignore you…


Stephen E. Ambrose source

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James Bacque – WWII, Hidden history and Other Losses


(video) Trailer for the film ‘Other Losses’ – Horrid USA post-WWII atrocities to German POWs

“Eisenhower Death Camps” After WWII – Were 1 Million German POWs Intentionally Allowed to Die?

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  1. Leah Hit the title link (audio) James Bacque etc below




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