Assad’s Popularity In Syria

(Bashar Assad, Syria’s president, is consistently vilified by western politicians and western press who claim he is hated by the Syrian people, that he oppresses them terribly. Obama, and other western politicians, routinely refer to Assad as a tyrant hated by the citizens, and that he must be overthrown for the good of the people.

It is absolutely amazing how western politicians and news organizations get away with absurd outright lies and easily-disproved claims such as these … and Americans accept those lies without bothering to check on them. Why Americans trust their mainstream news on TV is beyond me.

Among Syrians, President Assad enjoys a popularity approval rating FAR ABOVE that of any American president. Assad is, without question, the choice of Syrians. He is democratically elected. And yet American politicians (who clamor about supporting democracy) have decided that Assad must go, and his regime replaced with one of the west’s choosing. But why? What’s democratic about that? It’s a joke!

Assad won the presidential election in Syria with 88.7% of the votes. Voters turned out at an amazing 73.4% and there were two other candidates running against him.

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