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From: Natural News

Plastic surgeon says women with breast implants have 10 times the risk for cancer than we were previously told

Many women around the world have breast implants for cosmetic reasons or following breast-cancer surgery.

In rare occasions, these breast implants may lead to a new emerging cancer type, called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL. Although the risk is small, before making their decision patients should be advised about the possible cancer risk triggered by one of the most common implants.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, American plastic surgeon Professor Mark Clemens said that while the disease is still very rare, the actual incidence has been hugely underestimated.

True incidence is ten times higher than previously reported

BIA-ALCL is a type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic fluid and should not be confused with breast cancer. As a part of the immune system, lymphatic fluid circulates throughout the body spreading the newly formed cancer cells to other tissues where they can slowly develop into solid tumors. Detectable tumors are typically seen at least four years after the surgery.

So far 173 patients worldwide have been identified with BIA-ALCL. Professor Clemens has been tracking cases since the first report of it in 2011 and has studied the disease in depth. He believes that the commonality of BIA-ALCL is ten times higher than what women are often told.

He said: “A figure of one in 500,000 has been quoted, but this is a vast underestimate. It does not take into account that it takes on average ten years after an implant for symptoms to occur. Given this, the actual number is one in 50,000.”

As a result, many women are completely unaware of the true risk of the surgery. Some aren’t being told about the disease at all – including BIA-ALCL survivor Charlotte Fouracres. She claims that the disease was never mentioned by her doctors or their staff.

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