From: Mike King


Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein) sits near the very pinnacle of the putrid power pantheon of the New World Order — just a small notch below the likes of a Soros (cough cough), Sulzberger (cough cough) or even Rothschild (cough cough). Indeed, without the power and protective cover of his culture-wrecking news and entertainment media, the geo-political and finance arms of the Kosher Nostra could not conduct their dirty business. …

The lies, omissions and brainwashing of CBS News and 60 Minutes — that’s Redstone. The depraved filth and degeneracy of MTV — that’s  Redstone. The subtle Marxist propaganda aimed at the impressionable little children whose careless parents allow them to watch Nickelodeon — that’s Redstone. The stupid, yet influential libtard jokes of Comedy Central — that’s Redstone. The anti-White hate propaganda of BET (Black Entertainment Televison)  — that’s Redstone.

1- More than any other media source in the world, Redstone’s formerly clean MTV (bought by Viacom) has morally corrupted the American and European generation known as “millennials.”

2- Now grown up, millions of millennial morons get their political commentary from Redstone’s Comedy Central — where John Stewart (birth name Liebowitz– cough cough) and his successor seldom, if ever, make fun of Democrats.

3- CBS News shows under Redstone remain as dishonest as they ever were under founder and 50-year boss William Paley

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