In this interview with John B, Matthew Pauly mentions this Coast to Coast AM show MK Ultra Monarch Victim Mysteriously Taken Off Air (minute-16:40) in which he was cut off just as he was telling George Noory how his handlers had used him already for something, an op. After the Coast interview, they gave Matthew a message in the form of an explosive under his car, and with a visit….

What Matthew specifically did: (video) MK-ULTRA Assassin Confession – False flag patsies mind-controlled by Gov’t with Scopolamine – Matthew Pauly w/ Sean Stone


16:00 “Every one of the major terror events since 9/11 that I’ve looked at all match the criterion of false flags done by MK-Ultra programmed people that have no interest in doing what they did. And they’ve never been tested for Scopolamine, which is the drug they use to incapacitate people so you have no will. … It allows people to create slaves out of other people and have them do their bidding, and have no memory of it afterwards for 3-5 days. And some people don’t remember for a lot longer than that. … Some people can’t recall, because it’s been too traumatic for them. So their mind won’t let them recall it.”

19:55 Dylann Roof: Charleston church shooting suspect was MK; the couple in San Bernardino were patsies.

37:00 How he was mind-controlled

45:00 They prefer those who have had sever traumas in childhood, because they dissociate easier. “Dissociation is the key to all of this.”

57:25 “mass shooters” should be tested for Scopolamine.

1:03:40 At least one of our recent presidents is MK-Ultra

• • •

CTM #591 MK Ultra – Government Issued Nightmare! Watch NOW

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