Introduction to Free Speech Monika

Greetings. On the 17th of June 2016, I went through a door. I released a short video on a taboo subject. The video is called “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. …

Quite a storm erupted after the release of the video. It was translated into 3 different languages within the first 4 days, and the speed of rising view counts took my breath away.  Almost as swiftly as the positive comments streamed in, the predictable backlash began. The ferocity of the attack is a sign that my message is a grave threat to the powers-that-be. The awakening of the people is happening at an exponential rate. It is unstoppable.

The goal is Peace. What we have now is war and turmoil in a world structured by lies and deception. This is my humble contribution in our common struggle to bring an end to the tyrannical forces which seek to enslave us.

Love and Life and Beauty and Peace – that is what I am working for.

Monika Schaefer


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