Christopher Bollyn introduces this story on Facebook:

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel called in to the Alex Jones show with his comment that Jones should address the Zionist connections to 9/11 and Donald Trump. Jones, of course, did not want to hear any of it and dismissed the comment as he always does when the subject turns to Israeli involvement in the false-flag terrorism of 9/11.

And wrote this in a comment:

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel hosted me for two speaking events in Lawrence, Kansas, last winter. One was at a luncheon event at the University of Kansas and the other at the Lawrence Public Library where this photo was taken of us afterwards.

Regarding the accusation below. I don’t believe Alex has bosses. I don’t see the evidence. I do believe he’s saying whatever he thinks he needs to in order to stay on his Talmudic owned affiliate radio stations, because Alex loves money more than he loves God, truth and us. Sadly.

Revelation 21 says “all liars” will go the lake of fire — unless they repent, of course.

• • •

Zionist Shill Alex Jones Called Out & Lashes Out – 12/27/2016

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