Are the Aging Elite “Feasting On Young Blood”? Rockefeller Research Advanced Eternal Quest

Though it seems like science fiction, it is, in fact, based in reality.

Some of the wealthiest foundations on the planet have sponsored on-going research that dates back to the 1950s where-in scientists attempted to transfuse the vital, healthy blood of young individuals into older, and more fatigued recipients.

And apparently, it has demonstrated considerable positive effects – at least in lab studies with mice.

Nonetheless, the treatments are already taking place in selects labs in some of the most expensive area codes on the map, and where the elite seek methods and procedures for delaying death for as long as possible.

It’s creepy, but happening.

As Vox reports:

“There are widespread rumors in Silicon Valley, where life-extension science is a popular obsession, that various wealthy individuals from the tech world have already begun practicing parabiosis, spending tens of thousands of dollars for the procedures and young-person-blood, and repeating the exercise several times a year,” Bercovici reported.


The early research is groundbreaking and exciting, he says. But the interest in parabiosis is already getting ahead of the research. He fears that the science will be maligned by a rush to market a “youth serum.” Or worse: A black market for young people’s blood will arise out of the hype.

It seems that the old rumors and loose talk about rich and powerful barons in the ranking power structure drinking blood of babies (and so forth and so on…) may not be so wildly off base after all.

After all, many have speculated whether the bizarre blood shot eyes of David Rockefeller (in photo below) are not evident of many attempts at treatment to keep the aging oligarch alive – he is now 101 years old.

The question is all the more relevant, because his family, who have sponsored more medical and scientific research than perhaps any other American family, have funded investigations into genetics, longevity, social behavior, eugenics, chemotherapy and modern medicine that have defined breakthroughs.

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