From: Anchorage Daily News

Florida airport gunman is talking, but motive remains unclear, officials say

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The man suspected of gunning down people in Fort Lauderdale airport has spent hours talking with investigators since his arrest, but they still have not concluded what his motive was, or if the shooting was an act of terrorism or influenced by mental illness, law enforcement officials said Saturday. …

Santiago was born in New Jersey but grew up in Puerto Rico and had been a resident of Alaska since 2014, where he lived with a girlfriend and their child. His family members in Puerto Rico said he had recently showed signs of serious mental illness.

“He said he heard certain voices, that the U.S. government wanted to enroll him in certain groups for ISIS, and he was very paranoid,” an older brother, Bryan Santiago Ruiz, said in an interview Saturday from Peñuelas, Puerto Rico. He lived with Santiago in Anchorage from August to October.

“He said that the CIA controlled him through secret messages over the internet and told him the things he had to do,” the brother said.

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(video) Matthew Pauly: MK-Ultra – Government Issued Nightmare! — “Every one of the major TERROR EVENTS SINCE 9/11 that I’ve looked at all match the criterion of FALSE FLAGS done by MK-ULTRA programmed people that have no interest in doing what they did. And they’ve never been tested for Scopolamine, which is the drug they use to incapacitate people so you have no will. It allows people to create slaves out of other people and have them do their bidding, and have no memory…”

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