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1:18:45 Discussion starts

JERRY IN OREGON: “Is it true in Germany it’s against the law to do the Nazi salute, and if you deny the ‘Holocaust you can go to jail?'”

MICHAEL RIVERO: “Yes. … The truth does not need law to protect it. Truth survives examination and questioning. Only lies and liars resort to the courts and the force of law to protect the lies.

And Ernst Zundel is a classic case. When he was looking at his trial for denying the ‘Holocaust,’ the judge literally said: ‘I don’t care if everything you say is absolutely true, it is still against the law to say it.’

And that basically tells you it’s a dictatorship. ‘You’ll believe what we tell you what to believe. Don’t you dare question. Don’t you dare look at the facts for yourself.'”

“Israel is lobbying for those laws [questioning the official ‘holocaust’ story in America, etc.]. They’re trying to claim that anything criticizing Israel is now ‘hate speech’ and ‘antisemitism.’ And they’re trying to get around the 1st Amendment by that. … The government is not allowed to restrict freedom of speech, end of discussion. … We have a constitutionally protected right to criticize the behavior of Israel’s government, which is what this is.

It isn’t ‘Jew hate.’ It isn’t ‘antisemitism.’ It isn’t race hatred or anything like that. Israel’s government behaves badly — so does the government of the United States of America. Our Bill of Rights says: I, and you and everybody have a right to stand up and say, ‘you are behaving badly.’ And that’s the issue. It’s not race or religion or ethnicity. It’s your actions that are the problem here.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

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What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Tuesday 1/10/17: (Commercial Free VIDEO)

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