Christopher Bollyn linked to this article on his Facebook page, saying:

“The title of this article in America’s leading Jewish newspaper says it all.”


The Forward (Yiddish: פֿאָרווערטס‎; Forverts), also called The Jewish Daily Forward,[2] is an American newspaper published in New York City for a Jewish-American audience. The organization publishes two newspapers, weekly in English (The Forward) and biweekly in Yiddish (Yiddish Forward or Forverts) and websites updated daily in both languages.

The first issue of Forverts appeared on April 22, 1897 in New York City.[3] The paper was founded by a group of about 50 Yiddish-speaking socialists who organized themselves approximately three months earlier as the Forward Publishing Association.[3]


Obama was the Talmudic, anti-Christ, socialist, NWO, globalist Jews’ man they groomed and installed to CHANGE America.

Trump clearly was not their choice; though, they’re trying to control him through any way they can, including through his Jewish son-in-law — pulling out all of the stops.

What Does It Mean That Jared Kushner Might Be the Most Influential Jew in the World?

We need to pray for Donald, and those who want to destroy him and US.

– –

From: [The Jewish Daily Forward]

Obama Returns to His Chicago Jewish Roots With Audacity To Hope

Lana Adler January 10, 2017

With only ten days remaining in his presidency, Barack Obama will take the stage tonight back home in Chicago and bid farewell to the American people. Among those present for the speech will be Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, two main supporters of Obama’s presidential campaigns and crucial movers in his administrations. …

Obama — supported by many Jewish friends and funders, most notably Penny Pritzker, during his time as junior senator — will speak on the very day that Jeff Sessions underwent questioning about allegations of racist affiliations and other things that make him a highly problematic choice for Attorney General.

Entire Article

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