DISCLAIMER: I don’t agree with everything Michael says. Sometimes I post the show, because the first hour is so good, and then when I listen to more I pull it, after he says something so off — even though, most of the show is so good. Frustrating!

For example, here: at 1:35:00, “HOMOSEXUALITY is a NECESSARY COMPONENT OF the long term SURVIVAL of the human race” – Michael Rivero. It’s just the opposite!

Homosexuality is a major component of the SPIRITUAL FALL OF HUMANITY, according to the Bible in Romans chapter one. It’s the result of a serious rebellion against God, as demons are allowed to drive all kinds of lust, which many are now addicted to in our “do what thou wilt” society — the theme of the Satanic bible.

What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Thursday 1/26/17: (Commercial Free VIDEO)

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