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Caravan to Midnight Episode 681 – Joseph Meyer & Joel Skousen

Tuesday January 31st 2017

Key quotes by Joel transcribed by Jeff Fenske:

22:19 “They [Americans] take comfort in the fact that if the government isn’t worried, if the media isn’t worried, why should I be worried? It’s a groupthink type of thing.”

37:42 “There’s always something about understanding the workings of conscience. I use that all the time when I’m trying to read stories. I’ll get a warning signal, a little nervous feeling: ‘something is not right about this.’ And it’s kind of a trigger feeling that I’ll go research and find out what’s wrong with it.

But people who don’t have a good sense of conscience — they don’t listen to those nervous feelings, or they constantly disregard them — they don’t get those signals. And some people just are so positive thinking; they don’t want to hear anything negative. They don’t want to hear even conscience warning them about nervous things, because they only want to hear the positive.

So there is a psychological, spiritual aspect towards listening or being open to the truth, especially tough truths. You’re never going to get to a real good understanding of what’s true unless you listen to those nervous feelings warning you, from what I believe is a divine source that something is wrong with the information. And to that extent, John, people are somewhat responsible for being ignorant.”

1:03:10 On 9/11, “it had to be both” a missile and a plane hitting the Pentagon. Half of the fiberglass nose of the airplane was intact inside the Pentagon. So a missile had to hit the Pentagon first. Smoke color and cordite smell. It had to be a special aircraft to withstand the g’s (switched). “As one witness said, the airplane hit the Pentagon wall, and the wall held up like a champ, and then it exploded into a thousand pieces.”

1:08:00 “Civil war, and social unrest, and FEMA camps and martial law, none of that’s coming until World War III comes, when our government allows a preemptive strike on the U.S. military, which will be preceded by an EMP strike, which will take down the electrical grid. … Somewhere, I think, in the middle of the next decade is when Russia and China will be ready to throw that strike.”

1:10:00 “This is just delightful to not see a puppet just taking orders…. But Trump is somebody who maybe doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s got enough gut instincts that he’s fighting the powers that be.”




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