1:07:25 Michael remembers the day when the Sears catalog was the big thing, and how parents would remove the lingerie pages, so their children’s minds wouldn’t be polluted, which he probably pooh poohs (being an admitted atheist), but imagine the difference today — what children are exposed to — what the people have allowed — conditioned through TamudVision (TV) especially!

1:31:00 Segment with Claire, who is a Christian

1:39:00-1:43:00 Israel’s propaganda dodges, including the official ‘Holocaust’ story — why it’s the only history story that is illegal to question almost two dozen countries! 

1:54:45 Claire at the helm for the first time

– –

What Really Happened: Michael Rivero (Mike Rivero) Friday 2/10/17: (Commercial Free VIDEO)

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