Joel Skousen said on the Jeff Rense Show last night, 2/15/17:

“This is a full scale war of the Deep State* against Donald Trump!”

“The NSA is listening to everything that everyone does, and setting up these gotcha’s. They’re listening to everything Trump says. I think they’re setting him up for impeachment by leaking something illegal that he might say. … If he just makes one step…. …

This is a full scale war of the Deep State* against Donald Trump!

They’re not satisfied in being able to co-opt him in about 80% of what he’s doing now. They want it all. They want to destroy this guy, so they can get back to business as usual.”

“This is extremely illegal for the NSA, first of all, to be spying on everyone’s domestic conversation, and then spying on political officials for political purposes. And yet, who’s going to testify. It’s a top government secret.”

“The one thing that they aren’t controlling is Trump. And even though, they have worked at controlling and surrounded him with guys like Priebus and others, he still gets in there and says, ‘no, I don’t want to do that.’ And that’s what they don’t like. They want a person who’s going to be compliant.”

On immigration:

“The most important thing that he could do is to stop the notion that illegals require a judicial procedure to be deported.”

* ‘deep state’: the dark, black ops side of the US government

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske


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