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Mike King quotes transcribed by me:

19:40 “As soon as the war with Poland broke out, Britain and France issued declarations of war, to which Germany reciprocated with declarations of peace.”

21:10 “There’s not one inch of territory outside of original German lines that he wanted.”

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Dr. Duke and Author of The Bad War on the True Origins & Greatest Crimes of the Second World War! Part II

Today Dr. Duke continued his discussion with Mike King, the publisher of the Tomato Bubble and the Anti-New York Times websites. He spoke about the findings fro his book about World War II, “The Bad War.”
He revealed headlines from the New York Times about France having invaded the Saar region of Germany months before what we are traditionally taught to be the start of the war in Europe. In fact, there were numerous articles in mainstream newspaper in the 1930’s documenting Hitler’s many initiatives for peace, in steark contrast to the Jewish-created image of him as the history’s supreme warmonger.
This is a fascinating show about a fascinating book. Please share it widely.

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Interview starts @ 4:20

The David Duke Show 2/28/17

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Part I:

(audio) Dr. Duke and Mike King Expose the Jewish Establishment’s Role in the Catastrophic Second World War which Caused 60 Million Deaths! – 2/27/17

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