Chuck Baldwin writes on Facebook:

Neocon House Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP congressional leadership are promoting “Obamacare Lite,” which keeps and even strengthens most of Obamacare. It even features guaranteed bailouts for insurance companies and permanently ensconces socialized medicine in America.

Senator Rand Paul and other conservative senators and House members are strongly opposing the bill. Kudos to them!!! Right now, at least 70 Republicans are vowing to vote against it.

But get this: President Donald Trump is pressuring congressional conservatives to surrender their principles and support this grotesque legislation. I hate to say it, but by doing this Trump is acting just like previous Neocon Republican presidents.

Really, Mr. Trump? You are going to support phony conservatives such as Paul Ryan and turn your back on conservative members of Congress? Have you forgotten that repealing Obamacare was one of the main reasons conservatives elected you President to begin with? Beyond that, the members of Congress that you are now backing are the same ones who did everything they could to keep you OUT of the White House.

Is this a precursor of things to come? If so, Democrats won’t have to put up with Mr. Trump for very long, because he will be a one-term President for sure.

Republicans control the entire federal government right now: the White House and both houses of Congress. They could pass a complete repeal of Obamacare; and then replace it with…NOTHING. If they wanted to, that is. But the truth is, the Republican Party is nothing but Democrat Lite, which is why nothing much changes no matter which party is in control in Washington, D.C.

Let’s see how many “conservative” and “patriot” radio talk show hosts, web hosts, magazine publishers and editors, etc., will try to justify this stupid thing because it’s Trump and the Republicans that are proposing it. This has been going on FOREVER.

It is stuff like this that makes the GOP so stinking dangerous. “It can’t get any worse than the Democrats.” Just keep telling yourself that–and looking the other way, of course.

Better yet, call a piece of crap a piece of crap (regardless of who is shoveling it) and let your congressman and senators know how disappointed and opposed you are to Ryan’s sellout.

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