“There is no question that the 2017 Democratic Party has become the “The Party of HATE.”  They OPENLY march in the streets screaming epithets against heterosexuality, families, anybody-who-voted-for-Trump, Seniors, people-who-have-jobs, people-who-smile-at-each-other, anyone-who-believes-in-a-God, anyone-who-believes-in-a-Judeo/Christian-ethic.  Every move they make is to create hatred and dissension between races, sexes and ethnic groups.”

“What? You didn’t know that “The View” is Demo-Thought Central? Haven’t you noticed, for instance, that EVERY liberal Democrat woman interviewed during the “demonstrations” LOOKED and SOUNDED exactly like Whoopi Goldberg no matter what their age, color, or make-up? Pay attention.”

– Tim Bolen

• • •

From: Trump and Congress Propose Cancelling of Funding For US Childhood Vaccine Program — “The vaccine issue is a microcosm of what is wrong with US health care. And US health care is a microcosm of what is wrong with America”

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