Much of this is probably happening because the truth about the ‘Holocaust’ is being exposed. Amazon recently banned all books that tell the truth about the ‘Holocaust,’ and even Texe Marrs’ book that tells the truth about Talmudism which drives Jewish thought — the “leaven” of the Pharisees that Jesus warned about.

The only people who were Holocausted in Germany were the Germans. The Allies bombed and firebombed about 1 million children, women and old people on purpose. Churchill had specially built planes made just for this purpose, while the Germans had none.

It’s time to spread the word now about what really happened during WWII, while we still have a chance. There were no gas chambers. The hundreds of thousands who died did so from Typhus and starvation, largely because the Allies bombed the supply routes to the camps. The photos we’ve all been shown over and over were taken in western camps that everyone agrees had no gas chambers. The Auschwitz “gas chamber” has been scientifically proven to be a fraud. Rounding up the Jews into camps was wrong, but we did it to the Japanese too. The Jews declared war on Germany in 1933.

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Globalists Pressuring YouTube to Censor Anything They Disagree With

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