Kurt points out serious problems with Alex Jones’ PizzaGate denial in the video below, for which Alex has disabled comments, something I can’t remember seeing him do. But I’m going to comment in my comment section below. Alex is reaching ‘traitor’ status in how he is destroying America by who he covers up and lies for, including the Talmudists.

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From Kurt Haskell’s Facebook page, 3/25/17:

A few comments on this video. First of all, it’s pathetic that in today’s U.S., an obvious pedophile can threaten a news source like Infowars with a defamation lawsuit over the truth. Alefantis should be in prison for life.

What also is pathetic is that Alex Jones is not sticking to the Pizzagate story and forcing Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong to go to court. During those hearings, all of the sordid details of Alefantis would be brought out in court and the media. Further unwanted pressure would be brought upon Alefantis. I seriously doubt this pedophile would have the guts to bring such a lawsuit. We will never know because once again, Alex Jones chooses to protect his pocket book instead of doing what is right.

Next, because Alex Jones put out this video making a fool of himself, I can only assume that there will be zero Pizzagate prosecutions from Trump/Sessions. After all, Alex Jones is tight with the Trump administrations and if prosecutions were coming, he would likely know about it and Alefantis would be near the top of the list to be prosecuted.

Also, I wrote a few months ago about how the “eyewitness” to the Comet Ping Pong false flag hard drive shooting was really an attorney for Comet Ping Pong. Remember, this guy, who Alex Jones told us was only an eyewitness, went on his show trashing Alex Jones and defending Comet Ping Pong. Now we have Alex Jones admitting in this video that he offered to make any kind of statement Comet Ping Pong wanted on air. Here is the quote, “In a recent broadcast, I invited Mr. Alefantis on our program to state what he wanted to, and I again do so here.” I stated before, he already did this but it was disguised as an eyewitness to the false flag. It was yet another deceitful act by both Alex Jones and Comet Ping Pong. The fact is, this attorney/eyewitness was just playing a role in a false flag and getting paid to do it like we have seen many times before. Alex Jones cooperated and most likely SUGGESTED the manner of deceit.

Lastly, note what Alex Jones says in this video. “Two reporters who used to be associated with us are no longer with us.” One of the two is assuredly Joe Biggs. That’s funny because we were told that Biggs quit to do other things. Obviously, that was another Alex Jones lie too as the truth is now out. Biggs was fired over his reporting of Pizzagate.

Sadly, this video is the smoking gun that Alex Jones is more than willing to continually lie and deceive his audience in order to protect his wallet.

A Note to Our Listening, Viewing and Reading Audiences Concerning Pizzagate Coverage

2 thoughts on “Kurt Haskell’s Statement on Alex Jones’ Video Denying PizzaGate — “This video is the smoking gun that Alex Jones is more than willing to continually lie and deceive his audience in order to protect his wallet”

  1. Alex is VERY disappointing, and perhaps at this point even a TRAITOR, I’m finally thinking. Covering up for Talmudic, anti-Christ Israel, and blaming others for what they do is bad enough. Now, covering up PedoGate (key to draining the swamp), and throwing more of his former employees under the bus! He needs to be exposed, so people will get their news from real truthers who have more integrity and truth. Very sad, tragic and serious.

    For those who believe in God, Alex believes the common false doctrine that he’s going to heaven no matter what he does because he said a little prayer. He doesn’t believe he actually has to follow Christ to be a “Christian,” which is quite ridiculous, but many have fallen for this, and it’s destroying America, as we destroy others.

    Revelation 21 says clearly what happens to “all liars.” Someone should help Alex understand that he may be able to fool much of the public, but God knows everything.

    Alex will freak when he dies, and meets the Man whom he cannot deceive, and gets the verdict.

    It’s time to expose Alex big-time — for everyone’s good.

    He’s making a mockery of Christ, claiming to be a real Christian, while many see he’s a complete hypocrite.


  2. Someone commented:

    “Not to support Alex Jones, as I’ve never really trusted him….but….we know these people are very powerful and at some point, if you’re family is threatened, what do you do? It’s one thing to put your own neck on the line, but your family? I absolutely don’t consider myself a “follower” of Alex Jones, but I do keep my eye on what he’s talking about. Or not talking about. 😏 ”

    My response:

    If Alex has been threatened, and isn’t willing to stand up to them, he should get off of the air, and spend time apologizing to those he’s hurt and to the audience he’s deceived.


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