Video of Iraq Veteran Mike Prysner’s entire speech is beneath this one.

And people wonder why all the PTSD and veteran suicides. These wars are all deeply reverse-Christian!

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“When soldiers discover how they were cheated into war they become the most articulate champions of peace.” – Christopher Bollyn (in his introduction this video on Facebook)

“I tried hard to be proud of my service, but all I could feel is shame. And racism could no longer mask the reality of the occupation. These were people. These were human beings. I’ve since been plagued by guilt anytime I see….” – Iraq Veteran Mike Prysner

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Uploaded on Feb 20, 2010

If a person finds god….he finds the truth……
So i pretty much think that God had something to do with opening this young man’s heart/eyes….
Truth of the matter is…This war against the islam is a fraud, its blood for oil, the expansion of the one nation with more then thousand military bases spread around the world working together with a group of selfish family’s who think they have the right that we dont have…..the freedom to choose our destiny and our future……many might see this as a joke….as a ”conspiracy theorie”…..but the signs are getting clearer every day….the economy, the expansion of wars, the drones, the union’s, the fake left/right paradygm…..My full respects to this young man who spoke out against this fraud….

Mike Prysner Full Speech 2008 Winter Soldier in Maryland

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