Richie defends the official story, including by disabling comments to the video, but it was still great to have Alison on!


(video) Alison Chabloz: Nemo’s Antisemitic Universe — “But thanks to Robert Faurison the Holohoax is plain to see”

(((Survivors))) satire video — Truth about ‘Holocaust’ tales, including Anne Frank

(video) 10 Hard Facts About the “Holocaust” in 6 Minutes!

(video) Germar Rudolf exposes Auschwitz’s Curated Lies (PowerPoint) — Part 1: How the Auschwitz Museum dupes millions of visitors • Part 2: How the Auschwitz Museum lies about documents in its archives

Alison Chabloz “I’m Being Prosecuted & Persecuted For My Satirical Anti-Zionist Songs.”

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